Thursday, October 23, 2014

The new house!

Here's the new house! We are definatly using every inch of it and it's been great so far. We were so blessed to get the house and when I'm hand washing dishes a million times, I remind myself of that! We did have to sell a lot of our treasures which was sad, but we knew they wouldn't fit here. Plus it was good to get rid of some things. We sold our fridge to Annikan which we miss terribly, and life without a dishwasher is kind of sad :( But we are making it work, enjoying the neighborhood, making friends and enjoying school. Everything has gone so well from the very beginning and we are beyond thankful. It is only a 6 month lease with the possibility to rent month to month as she tries to sell it- so we will see. Things do not move fast here in this little town.

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