Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our 1st day of snow!

Yesterday I went outside to take the trash out like I do every Tuesday morning
(in my bathrobe, of course!) and the weather was normal, just cold, but I hurried inside to finish getting Tristin ready for school. About 25 minutes later, Daisy came up to me and said, "Mommy, I like the Christmas outside." I had no idea what she was talking about so I went to the window to see what her "Christmas" was. Sure enough, it was snowing! The kids were so excited, so they got their warm clothes on and went outside to build a snowman! I don't think they got too far, but they had fun with the 5 minutes they had before he had to get to school. Of course I freaked out for a second as I invisioned my family sliding off the road and getting stuck somewhere, but thankfully the snow was gone in about 3 minutes, and my panic attak subsided quickly. Now they are thrilled for snow and if it melts as quickly as yesterday, I will be fine. I HATE snow, I'm from Seattle, it doesn't snow there so it scares me to death to drive in it!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I scapbooked a page!

Something has come over me the last 2 weeks, and whatever has happened to my brain, I'm loving it! I have read 2 books and scapbooked 1 page! I stoppped cleaning for a few hours and allowed myself to do a few things I really enjoy, but always seem to deny myself. I doubt this will last long, but I've proved to myself it can be done! Yeah!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Grace's 1st Halloween!

Grace looked so cute in her pumpkin costume! I bought it for 50 cents last yard sale season.

No pictures, sick kids and 2 books later...

Well, something has happened and I cannot figure out how to post my pictures, so you get my rambling instaed. Darn, now I need Trav's help, and I was doing so well on my own...
Life has been going well for us. The kids are all sick right now, so that's been a blast. My laundry has doubled this past week from just the constant sheet washing I've been doing. If it's not pee, then it's throw up, if it's not either of those, then it's some other nasty liquid that I do not want on my kids bed sheets, so I'm feeling behind these days.
I have exciting news as well... (no I'm not pregnant)
I have actually read 2 books in the past week and 1/2! Yes, I did! I actually stopped, sat down and read almost 700 pages and it felt incredible!!! Yeah, for Emily!
I know it's sad when I celebrate an act such as this, but in "Emily land", that's fantastic!Now, my next task is to scapbook 1 page. Just one to see if I can do it. And after that, I don't know, I'll think of something wild to accomplish... I'll keep you posted!

My sick obsession...

You know me, I can't pass up a good deal, especially if it invloves HAND SANITIZER!!! My latest deal is the one going on at Walgreens. They have their Purell hand sanitizer on sale for
$ 3.49, and in addition, they have a $ 2.50 off coupon that lasts the entire month! Great deal right? Who wouldn't spend .99 cents for a bottle of beautiful foaming hand sanitizer? But wait it gets better... you know me, I wasn't content with that price, so I had to find a better deal, and guess what, I did!!! i remembered the week/s prior in the Sunday paper coupons, they had 2 coupons for $1.00 & $1.50 off Purell, so I used those right away (of course!) but then I realized I could have got them for FREE at Walgreens if I would have saved my coupons...
(darn right?, don't worry there's a happy ending...) So, I hopped on E-bay and bought 20 coupons for $2.00 bucks! Yeah! So, for the past few weeks I have been religiously hitting the Walgreens near my house (plus a few in Boise) to collect my 20 BOTTLES OF FREE HAND SANITIZER!!! I know it's weird, but I get this wonderful high when I go in my pantry and see my kabillion bottles of it all neatly lined up on my shelf. I swear, it doesn't get better than this! Could I actually be in Heaven?
I think my cracked, sore, and burning hands can testify that I am one sick girl with one sick obession...

Tristin's first day of school!

Yes, I know school has been in session for a few months, but I'm really behind in the "blogging world". I loved this one of Daisy and Tristin, it makes my heart smile!

Tristin with G-pa on his Harley!

I love this picture of Tristin and my Dad. He came for a visit in August, we had a lot of fun. I love it when Dad comes because he always rides his bike out! I love motorcycle rides, I always have. I had a boyfriend with one, a great friend named Ryan with one and other people along the way with bikes. I have always loved the feel of the wind in my hair. There's nothing quite like it. One day I want to go on a road trip with my Dad.I can just imagine the looks we would get now. People have thought we were a couple ever since I was 16,- kind of gross, but funny too.

Miss Daisy in the leaves...

This is one of daisy I took last month. Yes I took it upside down on purpose, but it actually looks cutier right side up- but you know me, I can't figure out how to flip it, oh well. She's growing up.