Thursday, June 30, 2011

Science Project...

I just stumbled across this great blog!
(I ADORE her soup lid albums and banners! I save all my soup lids for crafts projects, so happy I get to use them now!)And her cool paper quilt window is inspiring too- lots of idea's!)
She had a super easy and super fun science project!
All you need is:
*a deep plate/pan/bowl
*food coloring
*dish soap
*Q- tips

Pour the milk, add drops of food coloring, dip Q-tip in dish soap & watch!
My kids LOVED it! And yes, now Willow's hands are completely stained green from food coloring she got a hold of!

A confession...

Being a Mom is hard work! Lately I feel like NOTHING is getting accomplished because I turn around and there are 13 different messes that just exploded while I was cleaning up the mess from 30 seconds earlier!I adore my kids, but I feel like screaming lately because it's like a ping pong match in here. Everyone & everything is bouncing back and forth and the messes are ginormous and never ending and every direction I turn there is something flying around to keep track of! No wonder I need a nap everyday by 1:00!
Gotta love it!

God & Country FireWork show...

It's becoming tradition that we, (Annikan, Rosie, Lara & I) all meet with our families to watch the fireworks- the only problem is- they don't start until 10:30, which really = about 11:00 PM!
We love to do it but our kids are pretty tired afterwards! We had fun last night and it was great to watch the kids running around playing while we sat on my behinds doing nothing for a few hours! The kids slept in until 9:30 this morning too! Lots of fun!

Watching the fireworks...

Why I don't buy anything brand new...

This is why I refuse to pay full price for anything- because something always happens! Yes, I bought this shirt at Target months ago because I was in desperate need of one (remember my old one had a stain on it and I used white out to try to cover it? Yeah, I know how sad that is!)
This just proves why I should not be allowed in the kitchen too!
I've learned in my 9 years of being a Mom- that NOTHING IS SACRED! I cannot own anything, love anything or have anything for myself- so if it wasn't poop or sticky hands, why not let it be staining diced tomatoes!

Summer Days...

The kids have been having a fun Summer so far: lunch in the park, playing in the sprinklers, sleeping in, making yummy treats, Scouts, play dates, library visits, yard sales, craft projects, jumping with friends, BBQ's with Dad, fun with cousins, video games, going through TONS of Otter Pops, playing in the yard & keeping the messes coming for my enjoyment!