Friday, December 20, 2013

Grace's gratitude tree...

So, I'm learning that when you have a bunch of kids, it's totally ok to be about a month late in your Thanksgiving/gratitude FHE lesson. Grace made this beautiful tree before thanksgiving and cut out a million leaves so we could write down a bunch of things we were grateful for. Well, we got a little busy, so on Monday night for Family Home Evening- we let her give her long awaited lesson on gratitude. It was utterly priceless. Thank you Grace for being patient with me as I struggle to be your Mom!

Whipped cream...

Chelsea came over the other night and apparently the twins had never had whipped cream sprayed in their mouth's! Glad I could document the occasion!Love you guys!

The pig is gone!

It only took them 3 or 4 days to get rid of the thing, but I can say happily, the pig is gone!

Grace's 7th Birthday Party- Spa

This year Grace decided on a spa party with a little help from her mom (hint, hint, I needed an easy one this time!)We had it last night and there was a great turn out! She had a lot of fun and the girls looked adorable with cucumbers on their eyes, face masks, foot soaks and nails done! Grace turns 7 on Sunday so we will hopefully celebrate with G-ma Edith since they share the same b-day! We love you Grace and cannot believe you are almost 7 already!