Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yard Sale happiness... 101 canning jars so far!

When ever I see canning jars at a yard sale, my heart fills with joy and I instantly invision yummy goodness! So far, I've found 101 jars and I can't wait for canning to begin!! Although I'll be huge and super pregnant, I can't wait to drive out to the orchard 500 times, get up on ladders and pray my weight doesn't knock me over, carry those awkward buckets around my ginormous belly, try to keep track of the kids in all the rows and then spend weeks on my feet for 8 hours a day canning delicious fruit/veggies! I can't wait!I hope our garden does well so I can make salsa this year too! Oh, thank you yard sales for my blessed canning jars!

I am SO angry at Volkswagon!!

I think we all have a list of things we swore we would NEVER do in a trillion 1/2 years- well, the only one on my list was: buy a mini van.

I couldn't imagine a more more painful experience...

...until now.

Yup, we bought a mini van Tuesday night and the shock still hasn't worn off yet. No offense to all the mini van lovers out there, go ahead and party it up in yours, but I need a little more time to adjust to even the thought of me stepping foot in it. Why, oh, why, God, hasn't Volkswagon made a new modern, safe, reliable van yet???
(heavy sigh...)

For what it is, I'm actually, completely happy with it: the color is fine, the price was affordable, we traded in our beloved Jeep, it's SUPER CLEAN, it has air conditioning, a CD player, a tape player so I can rock out to my favorite old school music, it's a 2005, has good miles, more storage than thought possible, it will fit my growing family, it's great for yard sales, it's good on gas milage, and honestly, it is super sexy! So with all those things going for it- who could resist, right?
(an even heavier sigh...)

So, here I go, getting ready to leave for yard sales with the kids in our super hot mini van. At least it has a peace sign on the back, i guess...