Sunday, January 30, 2011

Feeling Better...

All I can say is: I ADORE antibiotics! What on earth did they do 100 years ago??? There is nothing worse then having really sick children. It's so painful to watch their frail little bodies throwing up for days, running fevers and holy cow, breaking out in horrible rashes over their ENTIRE body! That was pretty crazy. Mr Tristin is doing much better and I am SO THANKFUL!!! After talking to my MIL whose a retired nurse,I'm going to keep him home 1 more day from school and see how he's doing then. He's still couging alot- but after that He will have taken antibiotice for 4 complete days. I kept Tristin, Grace & Willow home from church today because I HATE it when sick kids come to church! I think it's SOOO rude. Grace of course has a cough right now and I'm waiting to see if it turns into anything more- I hate the flu season!
One thing I did this morning was put hand sanitizer next to the door outside (hopefully it wont freeze!) that way they can get rid of a few nasty germs before coming inside to really wash their hands. ( My kids ADORE the nasty neighborhood cats and i want to vomit every time they touch them- so this will help, big time!!!)I used to have these hanging in all the bedrooms of the house, but when Grace was younger, she would pull them down and squirt 100 drops in hands & then lick it, rub it all over her body or just let it drop all over the carpet, so I had to put them away for awhile. I will be adding them back now!

Here are the kids making pizza for lunch.