Saturday, November 30, 2013

Family Pictures...

This year when Dad gave me Christmas $, I actually did something other than stock up on diapers- I got family pictures done!It had been over 6 years since our last ones, and that's all I wanted for myself. Our friends from church took them for us and they turned out great, Some shots are better then others, some are totally silly, someone is usually looking in the wrong direction or not smiling, but I think we got several to work with! It's hard to get 7 people looking half way put together! ***MOm, let me know which ones you want, and I'll order prints for you!

Monday, November 25, 2013

I love my husband.

We love the movie Anchorman although it is naughty. We fell asleep watching it awhile ago, but took pictures of ourselves wearing our Anchorman shirts!


Man, it's hard to be patient, but we are patiently waiting to hear back about a job here in town with BlueCross! It would be a HUGE pay raise and it would be local, so we are praying Trav gets it. He had a phone interview and an in person interview last Thursday so we are hoping to know soon. They narrowed it down from 100 applicants. Trav was 1 of 5 being interviewed. He has a friend who works there so he's put in a good word for him too. Trav felt great about the interview last week. He came home and said. "Honey, I nailed it." Keep those fingers crossed!

Tristin my saver.

Tristin has had a bunch of yard work jobs lately and he's been making a bunch of money! He's saving for a tablet, not a 3DS like I thought. He can save. I am grateful for it too. It's hard to teach kids to be patient, save and work hard, but he's doing great! Way to go Buddy!


I found Willow sleeping this way yesterday. She looked so silly I had to take a picture!


The other day I had to double check with Trav to make sure we were done having kids. (Stop freaking out Mom...) But, I really did. I think it's setteling in my brain that we are done and I'm kind of sad about it. I see babies and I want one. I cannot fathom being pregnant again or worrying about finances (bigger car, bigger house, college etc...) Trav told me, "yes. Yes, we are done honey." I don't feel this old yet and it seems weird to be closing this chapter in my life. Really? I'm done? But I know I have to be smart, I know we need to focus on the 5 beautiful kiddos we have and it's normal to be sad, right? I think its hormones. Those dang raging things!!

Mr. Roman

Mr. Roman had his 2nd haircut last week. Stop growing my sweet boy.

**Nursing update*** Beware, I might mention boobs!

My blog is my journal now and for those who don't like reading about these things, just bypass it all. It's for my record and maybe 1 friend who might want to know that I am offically done nursing!!!! It only took 16 months, but we are done and most of the pain is gone. Man, it's no fun waiting for your milk to dry up!!! Poor Roman didn't handle the adjustment very well and getting him to sleep was not very fun. Neither was trying to get him to sleep through the night without his yummy feedings to drug him to sleep. He is still hit and miss with sleeping. Last night he was up at 1:30 for a hour, the few nights before he slept all night. The night before he was up, the 2 nights before that he slept etc... I think my body is getting back to normal,I was pretty emotional for about a week and when I was doing some research, it mentioned how your hormones go a little crazy during the weining process. It was time. He's 16 months and honestly a giant to still be feeding. I know there are a million health benefits, but I was completely done. So, there you have it: A round of mastitus, an unhappy toddler, crazy nights, sore boobs that are almost dried up and 1 happy Mommy! I'm free, I'm free!

Sophie's Barbie party!

Angie and I love throwing parties, and sometimes we go all out crazy. She had a great party for Sophie, which her sister in law made a Barbie photo booth! It turned out really cute! Way to go Angie!!

Crafts for sale...

I'm working on a bunch of items for an upcoming boutique. I have lots of towel sets for sale- 3 sets for $10.00 and trash bags $ 2.50 each. I have a bunch made, just not all pictured. If you need other items, let me know!

Daisys music concert...

The girls had concerts back to back awhile ago. They both did a great job!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Grace's music concert...

Last night was Grace's music concert at school and she did great! She was able to help conduct and sing with the solo group as well. Good jog Missy! Daisy has her's tonight! Should be more fun!


Roman loves to help clean, I think I'm doing something right!


My Dad has been extremely generous since he's been here. He has been a huge help and I can't thank him enough for stepping in when I didn't know how we were going to make it. Thank you Dad. Last week he said we were going to go buy new Harley boots and go have lunch. What he didn't realize was I bought a pair of black boots at a yard sale for a dollar a few weeks prior- just so he wouldn't spend the money on me. I didn't want him too. I thought it was crazy expensive and excessive and I felt guilty that he was even considering it. After talking a lot and thinking about it, I gave in. He really wanted to do it and if I continued to fight it, the joy for him would be gone. I tried to be a gracious receiver and just have fun while trying on really expensive boots. We had a great lunch at Goodwood and then we hit Target to check out the Halloween markdowns. It was a great day and I do love my boots, I just had to remind him that I don't spend money, because we don't have it, so it's hard when he wants to splurge in that way because my brain can't handle it or process the dollar amount. (what I didn't tell him was the boots at the yard sale were marked $ 2.oo- but I asked if she'd take $ 1.00 for them!) I know that I deserve nice things and I know that when we ride and when I wear them I will be reminded that my Dad loves me and he wasn't content with dollar boots for his daughter. Thank you Dad! Oh, and he called later that night to say "Let's wear our new boots to bed!"