Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Morning....

We had a fun and busy Easter morning! Dying eggs, finding baskets, breakfast from Dad & church!

Treats from friends!

I have some great friends that made some awesome treats for us!


So,next school year (in the Fall) I'll be the Vice Pres on the PTA board. I wasn't up for the President position, but I thought I could learn from Christina and maybe consider it in a year or 2! Hopefully things will go well. I've helped a lot with functions, fundraisers, picture day, Box tops/ rootbeer float parties etc... but this will be more of a commintment!

Easter egg hunt...

We had a great time Saturday morning at an Easter egg hunt! The kids had a great time and the weather was BEAUTIFUL! It was a fun couple hours!

Ward Talent show...

Friday night we went to our ward's fundraiser to help earn $ for Girl's camp/Scout camp. It was an awesome night filled with tons of great performances! Everyone did AMAZING and it was a blast to attend!

Bunny Cake with Angie!

Ive been making the bunny cake for a million years, but Angie & I started doing it together years ago. For some reason, Easter kind of snuck up on us this year and we had to make them without the big kids this time (HUGE mistake!) We had fun with the little ones, but neither side were very happy with us!

Feeding the ducks...

I took the kids to feed the ducks the other day, Willow had been begging me for the longest time! Man, somedays it's hard to get it together and do the fun things!

Dentist & Cupcakes...

All 5 kids had a dentist appointment last week, talk about a fun time! They were sooo sweet to get them all in on the same day/time too. No cavities, things looked good, Roman did super and they go back in 6 months!

Pinewood Derby!

I've lost track of how many of these we've attended, but they are always fun to watch! Roman loved it this year because he LOVes cars and trucks right now! Tristin came in 11th place out of 12. Good job Buddy!

Like Father, like son...

I adore my sweet Roman, and he adores his Papa! I bought him a little lawn mower at a yard sale for .50 and he LOVES it! He had to help Dad mow!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Going to see Oprah in November!!!

My Mama always wanted to see Oprah when she was doing her show, but it never worked out. I dreamed of getting tickets for her, but sadly, all I could do was buy her magazine subscription for Christmas each year. My brother Jesse just bought tickets before they were released to the public and Mom invited me to go with her when she comes to Seattle in November! Wayhoo! Her tour- The life you want will be there the 7th & 8th, which means I get to fly home, spend a night in a hotel with Mom, see Oprah and other key note speakers for 2 days and then fly home! I get a vacation by myself! I'm thrilled Mom picked me to be her partner in crime and I'm glad I have 7 months to save for this fun event! Thanks Jesse & MOm, I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Present and decorations...

I only had a few weeks to plan anything for moms party. In that time I was able to make & send out an invite, gather 60 letters from family & friends, make a few Queen decorations & party favors, gather pictures for 3 posters, order/fax a cake over to Washington, get time off work, pull the kids out of school a day, pack and drive over to make it for the big event! Mom loved her present and I am SO grateful for those who took the time to make that gift happen. There was a lot of emailing, texting, calling and bugging people to get them done, but we did it and it turned out great!Besides her 6 cans of hairspray- that's my favorite gift I think I've ever given her. I love you Mom. (There's a ton more pictures, scroll to older posts to see them!)