Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When it rains, it pours...

So, I just got back from a wonderful relaxing night at the church where we had a great dinner and talked for hours and played games with all the ladies. I was singing in the car driving home and feeling great, thinking to myself, "Wow, what a great night, that was just what I needed." It was a great night until I walked in the door and saw this! Grace, our darling, wonderful, most prefect child on the planet, somehow, got a hold of an almost full tub of chocolate frosting and decided to paint the house with it! Not only was it on my cream colored couch, but she managed to get it all over the carpet, her clothes and random places all over the house!!! After deep breathing for awhile and saying a prayer to God, I forgave her and then helped Trav clean it up. All I can say is thank heaven for my new shampooer, and it's a good thing she's pretty darn cute!!!

And here it is all cleaned up!!

Praise the Lord that I just bought a new shampooer 2 weeks ago!!!

"I love paint!!! All over my body...

So, today was a day of mischief for our little Grace. Earlier in the day she decided to "help" Daddy paint, but instead, rolled it all over her shirt, skirt, shoes, random toys, legs, hair and face. The lighting doesn't show it very well, but here's a shot of Grace with it all over her mouth, forehead and head. She's looking at me like, "What Mom??" Oh, how we love our beautiful angels! Thank you Grace for all your help, we appriciated it!!!

"If you're happy and you know it..."

Here's a picture of Grace doing the actions to her favorite song, "If you're happy and you know it" (and yes, she looks great with yogurt all over her face!)

Grace at the park...

Grace looked so cute yesterday at the park. It was pretty hot, so her cute cheeks turned rosy red and I couldn't resist a picture. She was not willing to look at me or smile, so this is the only shot I was able to get. (Yes, I looked like one of those silly Mom's trying to get a picture!)