Thursday, March 15, 2012

The fish tank...

Our 3 fish were living inside this tiny bowl (after our HUGE punch bowl that served as our bowl- broke)

It was actually really sad, so 2 weeks ago, Trav bought a 5 gallon fish tank for them and they are in Heaven. We added 4 more fish and they love their new space.

My Office wall...

I bought this black shadow box years and years ago at a yard sale- and for the past few years I've been saving Office stuff to put inside it. It's still a work in progress, but it makes me smile every time I walk past it.

What makes me happy...

Am I weird that I love the smell of these? I like to leave the lid open and let the orange smell fill the room- wonderful!


Last night Tristin & I had one of our dates- just he and I. We went to Target and bought him some shoes on clearance, slurped yummy icee's, went to Old Navy and then Goodwill.

When we stopped at Old Navy, we found this super cute jacket (sz 3-6 months) that made us stop in our tracks. We both just stood there saying how cute it was and we had to have it- so I totally splurged! I know another child will not inherit these clothes, so my $ is kinda pointless and wasteful, but I had too. Plus it's cuter in person!

Then I found these super cute shoes at Goodwill for .99!
I'm kind of liking the boy stuff right now!


Willow came out a few minutes meowing like a cat- when I turned around- she was one!

Baby Names...

I think people should zip their lips when it comes to parents picking baby names. It's just rude for strangers at the super market to go on about how they dislike your choice, or for your family or friends to go on about how silly it sounds or how they will probably be made fun of at school- besides, it's your kid, right???
(not that any of these things have happened so far...)

So, I'm spilling the beans on our baby name, because I am incapable of keeping baby secrets- go ahead and love it or hate it- just know we like it!

If it would have been a girl, my choices were:

Raven (this has been on my girl list as long as Daisy & Willow. I always wanted a bird name too!)

My boy choices were:

Sparrow (another bird... I'm a hippie at heart I tell you!)

So... because we are having a boy, and Trav has only named 1 of our children- I thought I would lean his direction and be a nice wife for once. he brought up Roman when we were pregnant with Willow and I liked it, but then she turned out to be a girl- so I got my way and named her.

This time he brought it up again and it stuck, until Lincoln came up. We live next to that road, so I saw the sign all the time and loved it- but Trav didn't. I was bummed because I could just picture a little blond boy running around (Tristin was super blond when he was little so I just imagined his brother looking similure.)

Then, the past month or 2, Trav started REALLY liking the name Dane, but I just wasn't feeling it. He kept talking about it and I just kept shaking my head inside thinking: I'm not crazy about it, and what happened to Roman?

Anyway, when he brought up Roman Dane- I said, "Yes. Lets do it."

So, little Roman it is!

Crib/ diaper holder...

I went to Target yesterday to wander around before Costco opened and was delighted to hit the jack pot on clearanced items! I found this cute green pouch for $ 2.28 that i had to have for baby stuff. I put a few clips on and attached it to the end of the crib. I think I'll put a few diapers in here later on- we'll see!

Working on baby stuff...

If I don't keep myself excited and busy with baby stuff, I fear I may remain pregnant for 30 years, so to help the time fly by, I'm keeping busy with little projects to keep my mind off my bulging body.

I found a HUGE white frame at a yard sale last year for .50 that I plan to decorate and place above the crib. I'm still searching for inspiration and glad that I still have lots of time to figure out what I want to do with it.

The mobile is still a work in progress, but because I love stars- I'm using some glitter Christmas tags from Target and covering the backs with cute green and yellow paper. I also have green lanterns that I hope will work with it too- who knows right now!

I'm still working on decore for the tops of the cabneit- and this is what I have for the moment. I love that yard sales are starting and I'll be able to pick up stuff to work with!