Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 months old...

My little man turned 10 months yesterday!

Being a Mom is awesome!

Oh how fun it is to go back thrugh pictures! Here's just a few of why Motherhood is the best!!!

I forgot my Mom on Mother's Day...

I 100% completely forgot to send my Mom even a card on Mother's Day! I'm not joking. Sure we talked twice that day, but I'm not sure how it happened. I remembered flowers for Edith & DeArley, but when it came to sending my Mama ANYTHING, it just slipped my mind! Honestly. I am slightly horrified that I even admitted that to her on the phone, but until that exact second when we were talking, I didn't realize it! Sorry Mom, for my honesty, just know that our almost daily talks clouded my thinking and I forgot! You know I love you. You know my heart aches for you every second. You know that when I call and you are busy I'm kind of sad because we can't talk as long. You know that I come to you for everything. You know I would be utterly lost without your voice. You know I love your smile. You know that I trust you. You know I value your opinion. You know that as long as we can talk, I'll be ok. You know that when you say you have to go, I'll find a way to keep talking. You know that you will receive yard sale jewerly from me. You know it hurts my heart when I can't help you set up, bake and clean up after holiday dinners. You know I would be there if I could. You know I miss your food. You know I would help you if I were there. You know I get some of my crazy-ness from you. You know I heard you when you counseled me about a large family. You know how much my heart breaks when we have to let go and say goodbye. You know I crave your lemon squares, your enchallidas and split pea soup all the time. You know listening to Barry White music when the boys were gone was a little weird. You know I appriciate you. You know I got my desire to serve others from you. You know just what to say when I need to hear it. You know when I need to hear the truth and you give it. You know when I'm lying. And I hope you know I am really sorry for not sending you a Mother's Day gift. You should know I'm mailing it out today. You are my world and I love you.

Thomas benefit sale!

The Thomas family are in our ward at church- Nycole, Brandon, Ella (3) and baby jack (4 months)and Brandon was born with Cystic Fibrosis. He is 30 years old and now in need of a double lung transplant to survive. When Nycole FINALLY gave in and started accepting help- I knew I had to do something. I had been trying for months to find a way to do something- but baby clothes drop offs, were not enough and she refused to let me clean her house. My brain started spinning circles and before I knew it I was on the phone all day getting things started for a yard sale. I knew we needed it to be huge- the operation is a million dollars and the cost of everything else was going to be unbelievable. I also knew what ever I came up with would be just a drop in the bucket, but I had to try something. A month later we finished the awesome-est benefit sale for them which made over $6,000!!! We had a ginormous yard sale, bake sale, carnival and silent auction and it turned out just how I invisioned it in my mind. I reached out to the news, but didn't hear back, but several local companies helped donate items. Bracelets and tee shirts were made ( but I had nothing to do with those amazing treasures) and people just came out of every corner to give, serve and donate. The weather was hot and perfect and the ward, family and friends came together in the most beautiful way. I lost track of how many hours were lovenly given to this project, but they were many. There were dozens of people helping all along the way which I would not have made it without! They were some intense weeks, but seeing their cute little family each week at church & knowing he needed this to live left me with no other option. They are amazing and they deserved to know how much. It felt great to be apart of somrthing that was going to help extend his life. I just kept thinking- what if that was Trav. What if that was my family. What if this was my struggle. What if it were me, what would I hope someone would do if it were us? Countless people helped and I cant even name everyone. A HUGE thank you to Emily K,K, Brenda, Paul, Dee, Rich,DeArley,Jana, Teena, Tasha, Angie, Shelly, Janet, Myron, Debbie, Christy, Katie, Paulina, Sister BEss, Trent, Trav, Chuck, Jessica, Chelsea, Kristen, Janell,Wes, Robbie & Kara, Jorie, Gabe, Lara, Laura, Robin & wife, Virginia,Chris, Alan, Linda, Troy, Tawny, Nicole, Brenda,Daisy, Tristin, Grace, Emilie, Edith & Max, the Curtis' who raised $ 160.00, Nampa Smiles, Scensey, Krispy Kreme, Honks Dollar store, a local artist, and SOOO many others who I do not know.Thank you to those who donated, cans, folders, who droped off folders, who donated items, helped sort & organize, who helped at the sale, who baked items, who wanted to help but couldn't, those who donated their time, love and $. Thank you to the business who let us put flyers up- Albertsons, Sherman Elementary, to the kids who brought their pennies and gave them up, to my children who gave their own $, to my Mom who sent cash, to my friends who came from all over to be apert of and support the cause- THANK YOU!!! To anyone I forgot, hopefully you are not reading my blog so I don't feel guilty. Thank you to Nycole and Brandon, their family and friends. For those who would like to help- their website including video can be found at: goteambrandon.com