Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thank you yard sales for blessing my life!

I'm sure some of you think I'm crazy when I say God leads me to good deals, but I firmly and truely know that he does. A huge way is through yard sales! Big surprise, I know...
but I am convinced that Heavenly Father loves us, he cares about us and when we have a righteous desire, no matter how small, he helps us!
Here's just a few examples...
*My slipper situation. I love slippers. I wear them almost all day long and it makes me sad when they are in the laundry because my feet miss them. Up until Christmas, I had 1 pair- my leapord ones that I wore down so much they were molded to my feet and honestly falling apart! The stuffing was coming out and I kept shoving it back in, but I realized I would need a new pair soon. I asked Santa for a pair and got them (Because I picked them out!) Long story short, I made the mistake of wearing them outside while I did a project and they had a billion leaf particles stuck in them. I washed them a 100 times, but the fabric held onto those itchy leaves and I couldn't bare to stick my feet in them any longer. 2 weeks ago I had to throw my leopard slippers away and I seriously struggled. I knew I would be slipperless, and I didn't have $ 10.00 to get new ones, but I threw them away and secretely asked God to help me. Last weekend I found brand new ones at a yard sale for .50!!! And I love them!
We also prayed to find silverware- and we found some (I'm making wild windchimes these days!) Not only that, a month ago, the same time I started making windchimes, my brother in law picked up a 20 pound box of silverware at a thrift store without knowing why, he just felt that there was some reason he should grab them! Little did he know that I was the reason!!! I honestly felt so blessed on Mother's day when he was over and I showed him my projects and he just shook his head because he realized that the reason he picked them up was so he could help me! What a blessing!
Then on to the canning jars- I was given 2 boxes a month ago at a yard sale, I bought a ton more last weekend for $ 2.00- and the list goes on and on! I am so grateful for yard sales!!!
So, onto the chest- I painted it last night and love it! I still have the inside to paint, a little distressing to do to it and maybe some pillows to make- but I love it! It is kinda sad when you spend more or the paint than you did for the item- but oh well!
If you have anything you are looking for- let me know and I'll keep my eyes open for you!