Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I wish I got the footage of her walking down the hallway, but this will have to do instead- at least there's a few steps in this shot! I can't believe it! (Please ignore my terrible Mommy voice!)

Canning update:

(Sorry I know everyone is sick of my canning stories, but this is for my own record. Just ignore all the boring stuff!)

Peaches= 104 quarts
Pears= 28 quarts
Green beans= 30 pints
Jam= 32 pints
Applesauce= 43 pint
Pizza sauce= 4 freezer bags

= 241 jars/freezer bags canned

Daddy & Grace helping with pears...

When Trav came home from work today, he helped me peal pears for about a half hour, I thought it was so sweet of him when deep down, I know he wanted to lay down and take a nap. (He's up at 4:45 every day!)He then spent the next few hours running kids to different activities while I stayed home and worked on pears w/o kids!

Grace LOVES to help me can. She's actually been a help too, if you can believe that! She's adorable, goofy, sweet & moody all wrapped up in a 3 year old body. I love her.

My very first tomato!

I'm not sure what is wrong with my tomatos, but this was my first one that turned red and I picked it today. I have one on the way, but really, only 2??? I made a BLT today and ate almost the entire thing, kinda fun knowing I grew it myself!