Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A few treasures...

My Mom & step Dad recently bought a new house which was MUCH, MUCH smaller than their last, so Mom had to get rid of 3/4 of everything she owned. She asked me if I wanted her hope chest and I repled, "are you kidding me! Of course I do!" She's had it for over 25 years, so my whole life I've seen it, opened it up to get wrapping paper etc... how could I NOT want it?
I was so thankful when it fit in G-ma's SUV too! thank you a 1000 times Mama, I love it!

And then G-ma gave me a VERY OLD dish that was my Great, Great Grandmother's. What do you say to a gift like that? How special. How thoughtful. How meaningful. I wonder what she kept in it. I wonder what her daughter kept in it. What about my Grandma? And now me? (I can promise it will be kept WAY up high for a few years!)
It was so sweet of her. Thank you to my sweet ancestors for passing it down. It is a treasure.

Another WONDERFUL visit with Grammy & G-pa!!!

I'm not sure what has gotten into my Grandparents the past few months, but they've come to visit us twice in the past 3 months!! i'm not complaining, believe me. My entire world rises and sets around these two people. I simply adore our time with them. There is nothing more precious than sitting on a hotel room bed with them, talking forever about funny memoreies and listening to my G-pa sing. I seriously had to try not to cry, but he melts my heart when he sings. My earliest memories are waking up in their home to the vacuum and him singing at the same time, It's a sound that makes my entire being swell with love.

We had a great time while they were here. G-ma cooked up a storm every night, making ribs the first and salmon the second night. We went shopping, to the bank, played Sorry & yahtzee, G-ma permed my hair, the big kids went to school, Trav & G-pa went golfing, we talked, we laughed, made butter (kind of), went through about a 100 craft supplies G-ma & and Mom brought down to me and had a wonderful time.

it was simply Heaven having them here and I know the sacrafice they made to get here. It's been more difficult lately to watch my G-pa get older. He's slowing down a little and everything makes him really tired these days. He had to lay down a few times and take a nap. I couldn't help but watch him as he had done a million times with me when I was little. There is so much love and I want them both here forever. I am so thankful for every second with them. They are my world.


G-ma knows how much the kids adore ribs, so she brought them again this time. I think Grace ate about 7 of them the first night!

Going to the Bank...

My Grandparents began talking to us about saving money while we were in the womb, I think, but honestly, it's one of the greatest lessons of all. They have encouraged us from the time we were small, taking us to the bank and watching us deposit $. When they were here in June, G-ma opened a savings account, and the kids have been back several times since then, depositing a dollar here, three dollars there and watching it grow. We took Grace and Willow yesterday to put a few dollars in!

Perms & Games...

***Yes, I already know that my face has been really oily lately & I seem to be wearing the same shirt in the last 100 posts!***

G-ma helped me perm my hair yesterday! It is SOOOOO much easier when someone does the silution vs. me doing it with my eyes closed, face in a towel and hanging over the bathroom tub! Thanks G-ma!!!

It was pretty cute to watch Daisy play Sorry with G-ma & G-pa, they had no mercy either!!!

Making Butter...

Last time G-ma & G-pa were here, we didn't have time to make our butter- so G-ma brought her stuff and we shook the jars forever! Actually, a little too much because it diodn't turn out like normal!

Saying Goodbye...