Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crazy? Smart? or Cheap?

It is offical, we are driving home to Seattle in 2 1/2 weeks for Spring Break- so you know what that means??? I have VERY little time to get Christmas presents ready, wrapped and ready to go in about 18 days! This is a wild time for me with so many meetings, parent/teacher confrences, our huge RS birthday dinner next week(I made 140 invites & I'm feeding 100 people, preparing food, plus a 100 other little details. Thankfully I have a helpful committe!, Normal life, packing,food storage projects & now Christmas for 21 people. I do it every year so I save on shipping.(That would be at least $210.00 just for shipping costs if I didn't!!!) but this year we are going home a little sooner than normal, so I'm getting busy on craft projects now! Wish me luck...
Am I crazy?
or all of the above?

Planting trees...

Planting trees at the orchard...

Another reason I love my husband is that he volenteers for EVERYTHING! When they need help babysitting, cleaning the church, helping with RS activities, thinning fruit trees, helping people move, helping with computer problems or planting trees- he's there. He's amazing.
We went out Saturday morning at 9:00 AM and helped plant over 200 trees at the orchard. It was raining & muddy but we all had a great time. It felt good to help especially knowing that the pears I've canned the past 2 years have come from that place. I was in awe of the cute little old men I saw out there with their wrinkled hands, hunched backs,wearing their 1940's rain ponchos and shoveling away like they were still in their 20's. It seriou

sly almost brought me to tears.It was adorable to watch Tristin help one of those very capable elderly men named Vern. It just got me. Probably because I adore my Grandfather with my entire heart & soul and it was him I was picturing out there all by himself. What a wonderful, muddy morning!