Saturday, February 9, 2013

Daisy's 8th B-day= Angry birds Party!

I have thanked the Lord that our pantry fiasco was ealier in the week so I had time to clean up and get ready for Daisy's party last night! Here's some of the highlights!

Bath time!

Roman looked so cute yesterday taking a little bath, and naturally, Willow had to join him!

Tristin rocked it!

Of course I didn't get the note home telling me how big of a deal the jump rope event was going to be. Tristin told me the day before and asked if I wanted to go. Of cousre I did but when morning came and we had 10 minutes left to get myself ready, Roman changed and dressed and Willow pulled out of the rock she had climber under- it didn't look like we were going to make it in time. I told him over and over it didn't look like it was going to work. I called the school and found out it started at 8:40, so I had a few more minutes than I thought. I rushed the kids to school, drove home, ran inside and threw us together. We made it back to the school in time to watch the back of the gym fill with parents eager to watch. I thought it was just a little something they were doing in P.E. I didn't know it was a big deal!He had already won the which finals which qualified him to jump that day in the championship round. Next they were divided into boy/girl jumpers and by grage. They had several turns to jump and then I'm sure the # of jumps were averaged out to get their final score. The top 2 from each group were the 2013 Champs and the ones moving on to compeat next week against the other Elementary schools! I knew he was nervous, but he did awesome! His first jump went a little smoother than his second, and I remember thinking, I bet he's going to win, he's so fast! Sure enough he did and sure enough my heart lept out of my throat and before I knew it tears were welling up in my eyes. I was kind of embarressed with my sudden emotions, but I was so proud of him! My little man was all grown up jump roping like a wild man and he did great!