Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy 85th Birthday Mama!

Just kidding... she's only 58, but I always joke about how fast she's aging and she loves it! She also LOVES it when I take her picture- and then she LOVES it even more when I post them on my blog for other people to see! (so basically, she will hate me when she sees all the pictures!)

I just hung up the phone so she knows that when she goes into work tomorrow morning she will have a tribute to her old self with a few pictures. She will probably curse my name and try to google a way to get the pictures off of here, but oh well, I'm a grown up now and she can't do anything about it!It was fun to sit down and go through the past few years. I didn't put every picture up, just a few so I could be reminded of how incredible she is, how much she has changed my life and how every second I thank the Lord that we are best friends.

My Mama is my entire world. I couldn't love her more if I tried. She is truely the first person I share everything with (besides Trav sometimes, men just don't get it all the time), the first one that tells me to calm down or get mad as h*ll. She's the first one to be excited for me, worry about me or tell me I'm overreacting. She is honest with me every moment, she's as real and down to earth as you could ever hope for. She's selfless and never stops giving. She sends packages for every birthday, holiday and special moment in our lives. She over does everything just to make you feel loved and important. She adores my babies and comes to visit even when she has 2 morgages to pay for. She secretely wants to be a back up singer and she makes the best enchaladas in the world. I love her because she still sacrafices everything she can for her children. She works hard everyday and then comes home to deal with 8 grown up kids that never stop calling her for support. She loves like there's no tomorrow and she has been there every step of the way. She is so embedded in each of our hearts that we would all be lost without her- and we are! If I go 2 or 3 days without talking to her, my world starts spinning and things just don't feel right. I have to hear her voice. I have to hear her laugh and I have to imagine her putting her hair up in her old rollers and sitting in her flower nightgown.

I simply adore her more than words can express. I could never thank her for being the most amazing example in my life either. She always supported me and my decisions even when they were different from her own. She always gave me room to grow and be myself. She rarly pushed or forced, she simply let me decorate my bedroom in painted toilet paper rolls and cover inch of my walls with the craziest stuff imaginable. She gave me freedom and love. She gave me courage and she listened. She was my best friend then, and now and I am so thankful my heart hurts this much being away from her.

Happy 85th Mom!