Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Peacock park...

A few weekends ago, we took the kids to the "peacock park' and had a picnic by the river. The kids had peacocks eating out of their hands! Crazy. it was a beautiful hot day and the kids had a blast riding their bikes everywhere. It was a lovely day.

The orchard...

Who has the greatest husband in the world? I do! I do!

Honestly, does anyone have a husband that helps during canning season? Trav is amazing. He helped me get a few quarts done today which i am SO thankful for!
We went to the orchard a few nights ago to help pick peaches. I almost didn't go because I wasn't feeling well, but I drugged up and went, which I'm thankful for. We were able to pick peaches for free! We grabbed a bunch that night and then the next day Shelly, Angie & I went out and picked A TON of fruit! I came home with 4 recycling bins full of peaches, a huge bag of apples and 2 1/2 buckets full of pears. We had fun!!
The kids and I have made a TON of peach deliveries to friends and family the past few days!
It's been fun making jam too. I made 20 pints yesterday. 16 cooked and 4 freezer jam.

Sore, but feeling better...

I am really thankful to report my jaw is a lot better. Although still sore and really achy- it feels a million times better than it did before. Almost a month later, a 100 ct bottle of Advil and a ton of ice packs seemed to help, I think! I'll be glad when it is completely gone because it is still really uncomfortable- but I'm relieved the stabbing, painful pressure has subsided.

I've been to the chiroprator 4 times this week and they worked on it a little (Who knows if it did anything) but I am grateful to FINALLY be going because my head, neck & back have been messed up- FOREVER! One chirpractor I saw years ago asked when I had been in a accident, and I replied, "Never."
I did discover this week that my spine is seriously messed up, my neck is a joke and my back is super sad as well. My head is literraly not on right, my neck has no natural curve to it- it's completely straight, 1 rib is out of place, my vertebre are crazy, 1 leg is longer than the other and in some places my neck and back and are out so much that the other side is straining 6 times more than it should. Well,NO WONDER everything hurts! No wonder I've had horrible headaches for 21 years! It helps when your head is on right for goodness sakes!

The Dr. thinks after a zillion adjustments, I should feel 50% better. I was shocked. I was just praying for 1% improvement! It's crazy what we live with most of our lives and what we allow to become "our normal." I'm trying to take care of myself these days instead of stressing about every cent it will cost. The truth is I want to be around a long time, so I better start taking care of things, right?
Thanks for caring, and thanks christy for the referral! They are truely the greatest!