Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Grace is growing up!

I took this picture of Grace today and she looks SOOO grown up all of a sudden! How can she be 16 1/2 months old already? All I can say is HELLOOO nursery!!!

The new house...

Here she is with a fresh coat of paint! it's fun driving up to the house now and just staring at how much better it looks! Thank you for paint rebates and LOWES coupons for saving us $ 60.00 too! You know me and coupons!

The old house...

We finally painted the house!!!! I know this doesn't excite any of you like it does me, but I am so excited to have it "almost done". Why does trim take so long??? We unfortunately didn't have a sprayer, so we got a work out several days in a row painting the old way with a paint brush and roller! But hey, I can't complain. We had to go back a few times and have them work on our colors, but we love LOWES so returning 100 times didn't bother us too much. ( We could have gone darker, but picking out the perfect color is harder than you think!) We think it looks much better and we thank the Lord it is just one story. It is NOT fun being on a ladder for hours even if the front doesn't look tall, it is when you're on a old wobbly ladder. I nominate Travis to do the rest of the trim!