Thursday, April 19, 2012

Changing pads and diaper/ wipe holders...

After a friend asked for a few diaper/wipe holders last week, I realized I hadn't made any for the baby, so today I've made a few things for the little man.

I loved how the changing pads turned out too! I'm loving the boy projects lately, but now I'm tired!

Play Doh...

I hate the stuff. There, I said it. I am one of those Mom's who loves the idea of it- but can't handle the mess it makes.

When willow came up to me and asked to play with it, I went to the box to discover we had 1 small tub left. So off to the kitchen we went to make some more. What a mess just making the stuff, but the kids love it and it is wonderful to see ttheir little imaginations go crazy... and it was time to get them away from the TV.

Am I the only Mom who still uses cartoons as a babysitter? Sometimes it is pure Heaven to have them laying down, quiet and not making messes! But, I have to remind myself to be fun and let them play. Besides, finding dried up rolled snakes in their underware drawer a week later is awesome!

A funny dream...

*** Jana, this is for you!

Several nights ago I had this really strange dream. It was shortly after Pinewood derby and Tristin has the most incredible leader in the world- Sister Izatt, so it was funny that I dreamed about her.

The dream:

Jana was working at Sports Authority, but they had turned half the store into a party & craft section. I was shopping in the store, looking around when I came to this end cap filled with The Office party stuff. I was thrilled because it was all marked down 10-40% off! I started loading my basket with Dwight heads that opened up/closed like Transformers and squirt guns that squirted Jim in a video game that came with it.
I was really excited when Jana came over in her super cute uniform to help me, but sad when she explained that I could only buy 1 item from the store. It was a new company policy where they were trying to regulate the flow of product in their store by limiting the number of items going out. I was seriously ticked! I wanted more Dwight heads and squirt guns, why only 1 item? I thought of a plan to come back and bring all my kids so they could each buy an item for me- and before I woke up, I thought- shouldn't Jana be home anyway, breastfeeding her baby?

Who knows where it came from, but I still remember every detail from that crazy dream! Hope I didn't embarrase you Jana, I thought it was another one for the record books!

If you pray and whine long enough, God answers your prayers!

It was wonderful to have Shane, Chelsea and the twins over last night for dinner, but even better when I heard Shane got a job here and they were moving back!!!!! And in less than a month!!!!

Oh, my heart leaped for joy and I thanked the Lord for making it possible for that to happen. I know everything happens for a reason and they needed to be in Portland, and everything needed to go the way it did to lead them back- but it wasn't easy for any of them, or for us left behind to cope without them.
I am thrilled to have them back soon and can't wait to eat her lasgana & cookies again! Love you guys!!!

A soft spot...

I'll admit it, I hate getting the kids down for bed time almost more than anything. By 8:00 PM I am so tired and worn out I can hardly think striaght. I am impatient and often turn into the "mean Mom" as I try to wrangle all the monkeys together to get Pj's on, teeth brushed, stories read, sippy cups with water filled, night lights plugged in, stuffed animals found, lotion provided, prayers said, kids tucked in, kisses given and I love you's said.
I am more tired after that than anything! But after they settle in- they are out like a light and sleep all night long- it's Heaven! They are truley the best sleepers and I thank God every night for that.

Last night I was getting stuff ready, so I told Grace to read a bed time story to Willow for me, so Willow climbed up and sat on the top bunk with her while she read. As I past by once, I looked in and watched the two of them together and my heart melted a little. It was darling to watch them. It was precious. I thought to myself, I hope they are friends when they are older. I hope they love each other more than anything in the world. And I hope they realize what they have.

I just thought about my Mom losing her only Sister to cancer in 1994 and the hole it has left in her heart. They always called each other "Sister" and it was so tender. They adored each other and were there for the other every second they could. They always lifted each other up, supported the other, and relyed on the other for everything. Their relationship was incredible and beautiful. It was the most awful thing for my Mom and for all of us. My Aunt Abby was an angel. I wish so often she was still here.

I just watched them together last night and thanked the Lord for the chance to have children and to give them one of the greatest gifts- a Sister.

Silly little cats...

The other day our neighbor girl painted the girls faces and they loved it! Although they look a little scary, they crawled around like kittys for the longest time!