Friday, May 27, 2011

Windchimes & Garden Markers...

Here are 2 windchimes I made for my Mom & G-ma for Mother's Day & a few of the garden markers too!

Hard at work...

The girls were helping me a few weeks ago on a project- they were pretty helpful!

Obey your Mother!!!

When your super sweet Mama sends you an Anniversary card with a few dollars in it and tells you to buy "something sinful to eat in bed"- you must obey!!!
With another Anniversary gift- we went out last night for a few hours- ate dinner, went to visit my dear sweet elderly couple I used to clean for & then grabbed some donuts of course! We hadn't been to Krispy Kreme in ages, so it was definatly "sinful."
Thanks Mom & Angie for a great night!
*** Can I just say how amazing my husband is! We were so close to Pollie & Elwood's house (I cleaned for them for 5 years) and I hadn't seen them in a long time, so when I said, "turn right, I have to see them."- he did. And we sat on their couch and talked, shared pictures & laughed. What guy agrees to go visit elderly people on his Anniversay date with his wife? What a great honey! Thank you!!!

What's a girl to do...

she's locked the keys in the van on yard sale day and the kids are ready by 8:00 AM, but it's raining anyway???
... clean & organize of course!
My super clean, neat freak grandparents (who I adore with every ounce of my being) arrive in 5 days- so the projects have begun!
I was working on in between the washer & dryer and Willow just had to help, so cute!!!

11 wonderful years...

11 incredible years...

As I get older, it gets more difficult to remember things- but what I will never forget 12 years ago- was how a skinny guy from Conrad Montana, who just returned from Brazil- made me feel like I was something special.
He was so thoughtful, so nervous, so sweet, so willing to share his testimony, so thankful, so dang smart, and so accepting of my hippie clothes- painted rocks- goofy boots and too much jewerly.
from the very first day- travis has accepted me and never once in our entire 12 years- ever tired to change me. I adore that in him and I appriciate it more than he will ever know. In doing that- he gave me the freedom I had been craving my entire life- the freedom to be me. The real, crazy, messed up me. It didn't matter how he found me- covered in paint from a wild project, or in a dress ready to go to church, in a tub full of noodles or in a hospital bed ready to give birth.
No matter how skinny I was, or as unpleasnt looking now- he has loved me. Every single part of me. He has accepted purple toe nails, a major sugar addition, a frumpy,ginormous red bingo sweatshirt that is worn almost every night, lack of amazing dinners, late night donut runs, years and years worth of "great deals" & nightly doses of the Office- he had put up with a lot!
I am proud to be married to him because of the amazing man he is. he serves endlessly and it makes my heart smile. when there is a need, trav is there to help- he is incredible, hard working, really smart, and the best Papa in the world!
After all these years, I am so happy to be married to one of the greatest guys out there. Simply- it doesn't get much better. Happy Anniversary sweet heart!

Standing in my truth...

In honor of Oprah- one thing I know for sure is: when you have a "feeling" or "prompting" to do something- YOU BETTER DO IT! There is a reason you're feeling it. There is a purpose behind it, and if it isn't done or fullfilled, you may never see the amazing blessings God gives you or performs in your life.
I am a believer of many things, and one of the greastest is: what goes around, comes around. I believe with all my heart,that what we give to the world is what eventually comes back to bless our lives. I also believe that it may come in another form- not exactly the one we put out there, but that's ok, too.
I have seen so many miracles in my life lately and it's because I have incredibly people surrounding me- and because I've chosen to see them as blessings and focus on the good they have brought to my life. I have found myself at his feet many times, feeling so unworthy, but needing to be there- just needing to feel his peace. I have had a friend tell me- it's ok to need help, it's your turn right now. Even though the guilt and shame find me, I agree, that we all need help sometimes and this cement wall I have built so high around me that has kept everyone out- hasn't been the friend I thought it would be...
I've always wanted to do it all on my own because I felt I was weak if I didn't. I belived that relying on anyone else meant that I was incapable, and I couldn't handle it. Even if it meant lying to world just to appear ok- I did it. I did everything right, almost 100% of the time- but I woke up one day wondering why I felt so awful inside.
I had to stop pretending, building walls, pushing people away and lying- and just accept I wasn't who I portrayed to be. I was not perfect, and my long, tedious jorney to live it, to be it and to feel it- had failed. So after years of fighting it- I turned to God and said for the first time in a very long time- "I need you."
...and the miracle was- he was already there. It was me that had moved so far away. It was me that was so tangled that I could feel his arms around me. All it took was saying those 3 words until I could feel it again.
The truth is, I need help. I am incapable. I am weak. And it's ok to need someone. It'sfinally ok to be honest and say, "No- it hasn't been a great day, but thanks for asking."
It's ok to decline when I'm not feeling up to helping with something. It's ok to sit down for 5 minutes and let my body catch up and it's ok to let those around me help for a few minutes before I push them away with tears in my eyes and an overwhelmed heart.
There have been some super gigantic miracles lately, and small ones too- all equal in my mind. I have had amazing friends know just what I needed, a mother who can read my mind, a husband who never stops loving me, children who delight my heart and yard sales that bless me with Cub Scout Bear necessities for .25! I am so grateful for my amazing life. I am beyond blessed and even though there has been a rough patch lately and I've been scared out of my mind- I see the bigger picture, I feel Heavenly Father's love- which only concludes, we will be just fine...