Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet girl...

I can't even tell you how much I love this girl! It is so much fun watching her turn into a little person. She loves:
chicken noodle soup
baby dolls
being wrapped like a burrito at bed time
putting clothes on
going for walks
pinecones, bugs and rocks
playing at the park
getting potty treats

What were you doing 2 years ago?

This is what we were doing!! Welcoming Little Miss Willow into the world! Here's a peek back...

Willow's silly cake...

Call me cheap, but I refuse to spend $ 20.00 on a cake. I always make cupcakes, but today after General Conference, we decided to make one for little Miss Muffet. Trav had to leave for the Priesthood session, so we have yet to eat it or sing happy Birthday to Willow- but tomorrow is another day, right? And thank goodness because today has been one of those days I seriously contemplated running away for a month by myself!
Happy Birthday Willow!

Canning is complete...

Canning was done a little bit ago, but I still had a few apples and peaches lingering around and because didn't want them to go to waste- I canned 7 more quarts of applesauce and sliced & froze bags of peaches. I think I am offically done, it's always so bitter sweet. I look forward to it all year, it comes, it's fun and wild and crazy and exhausting and messy and wonderful and time consuming yet so worth it. It's amazing how much your feet can ache too!

Guess who's 2...

Somehow our baby girl grew up. It's crazy to think it was 2 years ago already!

Discovery Center...

After confrences & my chiropractor app on thursday, I took the kids to the Science Center and they LOVED IT! They earned passes from their Summer reading program and i got in free too, so it was a great activity that didn't cost a cent. It was great to watch Tristin- it was totally up his alley- and I couldn't keep Willow out of the giant bubble making station. it was a fun afternoon but I was tired when we were done. Just trying to keep track of everyone was exhausting!

Parent Teacher Confrences...

On Thursday I had back to back confrences at the kids school. After arriving on time, I sat outside the door to Tristin's class and listened to a mother talk for 15 minutes about everything under the sun. She litterally did not take a breath and I learned all about her entire family while I impatiently watched the clock tick away. I stood up again and made myself seen after 15 of my 20 minutes were taken by " Miss talk alot" and I finally got in. I found out Tristin is doing super and is ahead in everything. He's in accelerated reading and doing great in everything else. It was great to hear!
Daisy's teacher could not stop talking about how amazing she is. He went on forever and it was darling. He said she's way ahead in her class, she often helps the other kids with their work, she's really sweet, helpful, kind, follows directions, completes her work, won the Gator award the 2nd week of school and is a pleasure to have in class. He said over and over he wished there were more students like her!
So, the kids are doing great! And I love it.