Thursday, June 30, 2011

Science Project...

I just stumbled across this great blog!
(I ADORE her soup lid albums and banners! I save all my soup lids for crafts projects, so happy I get to use them now!)And her cool paper quilt window is inspiring too- lots of idea's!)
She had a super easy and super fun science project!
All you need is:
*a deep plate/pan/bowl
*food coloring
*dish soap
*Q- tips

Pour the milk, add drops of food coloring, dip Q-tip in dish soap & watch!
My kids LOVED it! And yes, now Willow's hands are completely stained green from food coloring she got a hold of!

A confession...

Being a Mom is hard work! Lately I feel like NOTHING is getting accomplished because I turn around and there are 13 different messes that just exploded while I was cleaning up the mess from 30 seconds earlier!I adore my kids, but I feel like screaming lately because it's like a ping pong match in here. Everyone & everything is bouncing back and forth and the messes are ginormous and never ending and every direction I turn there is something flying around to keep track of! No wonder I need a nap everyday by 1:00!
Gotta love it!

God & Country FireWork show...

It's becoming tradition that we, (Annikan, Rosie, Lara & I) all meet with our families to watch the fireworks- the only problem is- they don't start until 10:30, which really = about 11:00 PM!
We love to do it but our kids are pretty tired afterwards! We had fun last night and it was great to watch the kids running around playing while we sat on my behinds doing nothing for a few hours! The kids slept in until 9:30 this morning too! Lots of fun!

Watching the fireworks...

Why I don't buy anything brand new...

This is why I refuse to pay full price for anything- because something always happens! Yes, I bought this shirt at Target months ago because I was in desperate need of one (remember my old one had a stain on it and I used white out to try to cover it? Yeah, I know how sad that is!)
This just proves why I should not be allowed in the kitchen too!
I've learned in my 9 years of being a Mom- that NOTHING IS SACRED! I cannot own anything, love anything or have anything for myself- so if it wasn't poop or sticky hands, why not let it be staining diced tomatoes!

Summer Days...

The kids have been having a fun Summer so far: lunch in the park, playing in the sprinklers, sleeping in, making yummy treats, Scouts, play dates, library visits, yard sales, craft projects, jumping with friends, BBQ's with Dad, fun with cousins, video games, going through TONS of Otter Pops, playing in the yard & keeping the messes coming for my enjoyment!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keychains and 4th of July flags...

I saw the keychains on a blog last week and thought I'd make a few!
And the little baby flags just melt my heart. They are 1 inch tall!I'm off to make some cards...

A few projects...

I've been working on a few little projects the past few days.
I've seen lots of super cute idea's with state maps (pillows, baby onesie's etc...) so I thought I'd play around. I googled state maps until I found a small picture i could trace. Then I taped it to my card stock and cut it out- it was super easy! then I played with my card stock and made a few little wall hangings- one for my Mom and one for Chelsea. The frame one is in my living room.

I've also been collecting vintage sheets for a long time and I've been going crazy making super cute banners/flags,garland- whatever you want to call them! It's been a lot of fun!

I made a little 4th of July board to hang on my door last night & today- I'm trying to get better about decorating for the holidays- so there's my little attempt. Hey- it did involved a few power tools!

Dressing up...

Yesterday Grace introduced me to her princess and when I turned around, I almost had a heart attack- Willow was wearing her baby blessing dress that used to be safely hanging in the closet wrapped in plastic! Luckily it was free from greasy little girl make- up that they had out earlier (Oh, thank you Lord for watching over that one!)but I grabbed a few pictures of their moment.

Never buy Play Dough again!

A little while ago I asked Grace what she wanted to make and she quickly replied, "Play Dough!!!"
Not being in the mood, I agreed just to bring a smile to her face- so we hopped in the kitchen and in a few minutes made two batches of homemade play dough. It's super easy and if you keep it in a air tight container/bag- it will last A LONG TIME! We made it for the first time a few months back and it's still great!

3- C. flour
3- T vegtable oil
2- packs of Kool Aid
3/4 C. salt
2 C. boiling water

*** mix together and kneed until well blended. If needed, add a little more flour and continue kneeding! That's it folks!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Playing dress up...

Yesterday, Grace came out and said, "Mom, look at Willow all dressed up!"
Indeed she was- rocking a mermaid outfit and all!

Thinning peaches at the Orchard...

Last night I took the kids and Liam out to the orchard to thin the peaches. Trav had to go out with the missionaries, so I loaded them up, drove out and helped for as long as I could while trying to herd the 5 kids in the right direction! We had fun, and oh, boy, I can't wait until those little peaches are the size of softballs! Canning season- I can feel you aproaching!!!

A dog party...

Oh, my little firecracker, Grace surprises me hourly with her funny little personality! Yesterday she had a dog party underneath the tramp. When I was given a hand-written & hand- delivered invite, how could I not attend???
...she just gets my heart!(And yes, they look like orphans with their crazy hair! Where was their Mother anyway?)

Tristin & Liam cookin it up in the kitchen...

Yesterday Tristin & Liam signed off a Scout requirement by making a dessert! Peanut Butter & chocolate rice krispie treats!

Homemade sidewalk paint...

I found a reciepe online for sidewalk paint and thought we would try it out yesterday. It was super easy too! 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup cornstarch & food coloring! I read that it washes off with the hose, but I was lazy and left mine on the driveway! The kids had a blast- and that was the point!

The fountain...

I've been trying really hard this Summer to do fun activities with the kids- so we braved the 95 degree weather the other day and took them to the fountain near our home. I'm all about the free activities as well, so this was perfect! There were tears and smiles, laughs and shade so it all worked out! And nothing better than seeing my sweet Willow is a swim suit with those little chicken legs walking around! Pure Heaven!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yard sale therapy...

After days of dealing with ANOTHER bladder infection, laying in bed ALL day wanting to die, drinking 50 gallons of Cranberry juice, getting more antibiotics and drugs that stain EVERYTHING bright orange, and living in my PJ's- I had to venture out of the house and do something normal. The yard sale angels blessed me with a few super duper awesome finds to make up for my nasty body that seems to catch every infection known to man. I felt a little better after finding these beauties:

* A super retro toaster oven that matches my kitchen, oh so perfectly!$ 2.00
* A super old adding machine that just looks cool and provided hours of entertainment to my kids! $ 1.00
* A ton of yarn for my wreath projects= $ 1.00
* And a super awesome fire extingusher holder! $ 2.00

Loved my wonderful additions!