Sunday, June 28, 2009

Praise the Lord for cute little old G-ma's who don't can anymore!

I hit the jackpot this weekend at yard sales! I found a ton of stuff, but I was most excited about the 104 canning jars, ginormous bag of rings and 3 pots I found! YEAH!!!
(That gives me at least 250+ jars & 4 pots to work with this season)I figure in my pregnant state, 250 will be enough this year, or if not, I'll just have to let it go!)
My main focus will be on pears, beans & salsa, but I'll want to do a few more peaches, applesauce, jam & pizza sauce. We'll see how it all goes! My luck I'll go into early labor out in the church orchard, up on a ladder and then complain to my Dr. "But I can't have the baby yet, my pears aren't done and I still have 4 bushels of apples waiting for me!"

The garden is growing!

Every time I go out to water the garden, I smile when I see all our cute little plants growing! We will be eating salad for ever- our lettuce is so beautiful! Sadly, we lost most of our cucumbers & carrots due to the TERRIBLE neighborhood cats!!!!! I am still harboring awful thoughts towards those garden-wrecking-little devils! I am so angry they dug up huge holes and left their horrible smelling poop for me to extract! I wanted carrots, darn it! (My lesson today in RS is on forgiveness, but I'm not sure if I can let this go yet!) Anyway, it's really cool to see our tomatoes coming on, our raspberries ready to eat and other things on their way!