Monday, September 12, 2011

Still Here...

It started close to 3 weeks ago, the pain in my jaw. Before my G-ma came out we were both complaining about our aches and pains. At the time my ear was bothering more than normal and she gave me a few tricks of hers. I started having jaw pain right after that and assummed I had been grinding my teeth at night more than normal. There was a week of mild jaw pain and I kept rubbing them thinking, "what the heck am I doing at night?"
But then the pain became a million times worse and I litterally couldn't handle it anymore. Not only was my jaw in MAJOR pain, but the back of my head and neck, even my arms felt really heavy & weak. Poor Trav had been rubbing my head & jaw for a week and 1/2 and I was consuming more Advil than anyone should admit to- but nothing was helping. I missed church last week and finally couldn't take it anymore- I thought possibly I had an ear infection because the preassure under my ear was out of control and I thought that antibiotics would be the cure- so I went into Primary Health (my home away from home!) to get checked out. After he looked me over he said, I don't see anything wrong with your ears. He suggjested the dentist next. I thanked him and drove home in tears. I just wanted drugs to make the horrible pain stop!!
I made an appointment for the dentist and went in a few days later and learned it wasn't my teeth eaither. Really? I asked. "I don't need a root canal or anything? And he said, "no- they look fine." I told him I'd pay him a million dollars if he'd figure it out but he referred me to a specialist instead. Again, I drove home in even more pain from having to have my mouth open FOREVER at the dentist!
I called the Craniofacial Pain Center as soon as I got home and the next available appointment wasn't until Sept 19th. I made the appoint,ment and begged her to call me if there was a cancellation. I just cried. Someone make this horrible pain stop!
I had a blessing, I finished the huge bottle of Advil and have been in bed every moment I haven't had to get up for something, I've used ice packs for weeks and alternated heating packs too.I'm on my 5th book- which is incredible, but it's been awful. I thought it couldn't get worse until I realized the pain was also spreading to my left side. I couldn't believe it. Seroiusly, just cut my head off! So many of my problems would be solved if it were no longer attatched!
It's been days later now and the pain has now shifted to my lower jaw, near my cheecks and not as much under my ear like it was.
I'm just whinning, but if anyone has had anything like this- I'll pay you a trillion dollars to help make this go away!!