Sunday, March 2, 2014

This is SO me!

I wish I would have bought these when I saw them the other day!

Miss Daisy

My Mom just got an I phone, so Daisy and I had to send her some silly pictures!


I feel really old when I hear that word, but the trutrh is, I've had perms most my life. I needed to do it for a year and this past week I finally did. Don't make fun of my crazy rollers that are NEVER straight, but you try rolling my hair and see how straight you get them. I've been doing it myself for 15 years now and I have it down to 3 hours from start to finish (hence the reason it took me a YEAR to finally do it!)

My neck & back...

I've always had a bad back, neck and head. I started having migrains when I was 12, and back problems ever since I can remember. Every chiropractor has asked if I've been in a car accident, and every time I've replied no, they've been shocked. I've gone off and on for years, but mostly just delt with constant pain because I could never afford to continue the length of time they wanted me to see them. It's just become too much over the years and I've been constantly pulling muscles and life has been really crappy. My sleep has been horrible, my headaches obnoxious and I just couldn't deal with non stop piercing pain for months at a time. I just prayed things would heal and get better and it would take months for relief to come. I would have smaller episodes, but the ones where I couldn't lift my head off the pillow for a month or turn for weeks without pain, was just getting to be too much. I was always hurting myself while lifting totes in the shed or pulling something that never seemed to heal the same. I FINALLy started seeing Brother Gunnel at church this past week and my last muscle pull is getting better. My neck is still sore from my episode a month ago, but I pray twice a week will help get me straightened out again. I can't take it anymore and now my motto is: I can't afford not too. I want to feel better and I deserve that. My kids deserve more and as much as I do in a day, I deserve to move without taking a million Advil just to survive.


The other day while I was laying down ice-ing my back, I started feeling like a super bad Mom. Willow had watched hours of TV and I couldn't stand it any longer- I had to get up and DO something with her. We mushed some shaving cream around for a bit and I felt a little productive!She had fun and then it was back to bed to rot our brains some more!

Temple date...

Trav had the day off on Valentines day so we went to the temple early in the day before all the love birds got there. We had an amazing dollar burger and then came home. I think we were in our Pj's, eating donuts and watching a movie by 9:00- perfect! Thanks for taking our picture Willow!