Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm excited to announce: Whoopsy Daisy crafts!

Although, the site is still under construction, I am thrilled to have my craft web site up and running- almost! I will be in a fundraiser tomorrow May 30th from 9AM-4PM to help baby Mia who recently had a heart transplant. I will be selling a ton of my crafts and part of the proceeds will go to help the family with their HUGE medical bills.
I will be at: 403 W. Cherry Ln. Meridian, ID 83642
Go to: for the crafts I have available right now!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

After 9 years...

Yesterday was our 9th year Anniversary and as it flew by like all those years did, I started thinking about our marriage and all the days in between.

What I expected after 9 years...

* To still be married!
* To have a family
* To own a home
* To be completely comfortable with Trav
* That Trav would be able to read my mind
* God would let men have babies

What I never expected...

* For him to still kiss me like we were in college
* That I would be the one to pull away from his hugs first
* That I would NOT want to sleep tangled in his arms
* That he would make "whale sounds" in his sleep
* That he would still accept my wild creative side after all these years
* That he has never tried to change who I am
* That I could love him and be SO angry with him at the same time
* That reading bed time stories could be viewed as sexy
* That vacuuming & doing dishes could be such a turn on
* For him to still love me after all my obsessive behavior
* To be able to love Trav, admire, forgive, cherish, respect & adore him as much as I do today
* For us to be COMPLETELY opposite in EVERYTHING (except movies. We agree on most movies)
* To have finally found happiness, peace,confidence,contentment,strength,forgiveness and love within myself.
*To have the most beautiful babies in the world.
* That being in bed by 9:00 PM, eating ice cream, and watching James Bond for the 100th time would become what we look forward to after putting the kids to bed

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Breaking the Sabbath & Immodest clothing...

It's 9:00 am, and the girls are already in their immodest bathing suits (with straps falling down and tiny bums showing), running around in the sprinklers. Yes, it's Sunday, and no, I am not making them stop. Sorry, Lord for breaking 2 of the rules by 9:00 in the morning, but we'll be at church soon!

Warning! Object may appear larger in real life! Me at 20 weeks!

Yeah, I'm half way done with this pregnancy and I've been busy getting things done so I can focus on canning this year! I just can't wait! I/we have been so busy for the past while, and my feet ache every day, but I'm happy that we are almost done with our huge list of things to do! Now it's mostly canning supplies!
(I've come to terms with my round "back side" but how funny that it is as round as my tummy! Oh joy! I'm so glad I pointed that out to everyone!)

We bought bunk beds 3 months ago
Bought our van a few weeks ago
Received an almost new car seat from Maren (THANK YOU!!)
Bought a baby seat/swing thing
Have my 3 month supply of diapers & wipes
Had Tristin's B-day party yesterday
Got most of my Christmas presents done/wrapped
Have been buying canning jars (103!)
Planted the garden
Cut down trees in the back yard
Planted raspberry plants
Worked on more food storage
Bought school clothes & back pack for Tristin for next year (2nd grade!)
Signed the kids up for swim lessons last month
Priced most of my stuff for the yard sale
Took care of shots and dentist appointments
Bought a deep freezer
Bought a food dehydrator

Need clothes if it's a boy (will be different seasons, darn)
Need a 2 burner stove
Want to find 2 more canning pots
Want more jars
and a apple sauce making thingy

Tristin's 7th Birthday Party!

Yesterday Tristin turned 7 and he couldn't wait for his party to begin! It was really low key this year... we just had a BBQ, a few games, presents, cupcakes, and then the kids just played for 2 hours in the pool, on the trampoline, the swing set, hammock & with water balloons. Tristin had fun either way, he didn't know that I didn't "go all out" this year, it has been so busy and will get even busier right now with our Anniversary, school getting out, ballet, the fundraiser, the yard sale and then leaving for our trip- I've just been feeling overwhemled, so I thought, this is not the year to drive myself insain with a party! I still can't believe how fast he grew up... I love you Buddy.

(I had to laugh when I started adding up how much this party cost!
FREE hot dogs, FREE capri Suns, .25 cake mix & .17 frosting for the cupcakes, .39 hot dog buns, chips from Costco (not on sale), clearanced $ 1.00 party decorations & .25 candy with candy from Winco for the party favors, not too bad!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nail polish on the carpet & foam up the nose...

Oh, the blessed joys of Motherhood...

Yesterday was filled with pleasant surprises!

When I came home from work, I found Travis holding Daisy down on the couch with a mini flash light and a pair of tweezers up her nose! At some point she had stuck a piece of foam rubber up her nose and it was clear up in her right nostril. She was totally freaking out, and me standing there watching the craziness wasn't helping either. I took her in the bathroom and tried to get it out too, but it was so far up there you could barely see it. After a call to the doctor, a prayer to Heavenly Father and the most intense nose blowing from a 4 year old, the rubber piece shot out of her nose like a rocket! I was thankful we didn't have to take her in to Quick Care to have it extracted!

And at some point yesterday, Grace found a bottle of nail polish and decided it was a fabulous idea to paint her toe nails all by herself! Well, she missed her toes, but did manage to paint her entire ankle and get it on the carpet as well. I was able to get most of it out, and thank goodness it wasn't bright red! It was silver at least...

Crazy kids.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Trav and I took the girls to the park today and had a picnic. Their favorite part was feeding the peacocks fruit snacks & peanut butter/jelly sandwiches! Grace was hilarious chasing them around, she almost got one too! The poor thing almost had it's feathers stomped on!

Mother's day...

All I can say is, I love my babies more then anything. I think I fall more in love with them everyday. They are all at great ages and so much fun to be with. Grace is talking like crazy and I laugh every few minutes at the hiliarious things she says! I just can't belive how many times a day I want to snatch her up and kiss her neck, could she get any cutier? And Miss Daisy, those eyes, her smile, her hugs and sweet little spirit, I just can't get enough of her. And then Tristin, my little man... how did that boy grow up? He turns 7 on the 23rd and will be done with 1st grade in a few weeks. Trav and I are amazed at how well he can read! Seriously? Reading? Losing teeth? Not wanting me to see his underware? Wow, it's going too fast. And then # 4 is wiggling inside me all the time making me smile and unable to wait for "it" to hurry up and get here! I love Motherhood.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yard Sale happiness... 101 canning jars so far!

When ever I see canning jars at a yard sale, my heart fills with joy and I instantly invision yummy goodness! So far, I've found 101 jars and I can't wait for canning to begin!! Although I'll be huge and super pregnant, I can't wait to drive out to the orchard 500 times, get up on ladders and pray my weight doesn't knock me over, carry those awkward buckets around my ginormous belly, try to keep track of the kids in all the rows and then spend weeks on my feet for 8 hours a day canning delicious fruit/veggies! I can't wait!I hope our garden does well so I can make salsa this year too! Oh, thank you yard sales for my blessed canning jars!

I am SO angry at Volkswagon!!

I think we all have a list of things we swore we would NEVER do in a trillion 1/2 years- well, the only one on my list was: buy a mini van.

I couldn't imagine a more more painful experience...

...until now.

Yup, we bought a mini van Tuesday night and the shock still hasn't worn off yet. No offense to all the mini van lovers out there, go ahead and party it up in yours, but I need a little more time to adjust to even the thought of me stepping foot in it. Why, oh, why, God, hasn't Volkswagon made a new modern, safe, reliable van yet???
(heavy sigh...)

For what it is, I'm actually, completely happy with it: the color is fine, the price was affordable, we traded in our beloved Jeep, it's SUPER CLEAN, it has air conditioning, a CD player, a tape player so I can rock out to my favorite old school music, it's a 2005, has good miles, more storage than thought possible, it will fit my growing family, it's great for yard sales, it's good on gas milage, and honestly, it is super sexy! So with all those things going for it- who could resist, right?
(an even heavier sigh...)

So, here I go, getting ready to leave for yard sales with the kids in our super hot mini van. At least it has a peace sign on the back, i guess...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

It might be a... BOY!

I had my Dr. appt. this morning and my Dr is guessing it's a boy! (due to the much lower heart rate, so we'll see! We looked over Grace's heart beat info and hers was so much higher. Who knows though...) We'll find out for sure on the 1st and we're excited to finally know! It's hard to pass up baby stuff at yard sales when you're not sure!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm teaching another coupon class!

My friends and I started a blog a few months ago called Discount queens (sorry our button is being silly right now! You can get there by going to: and we will be holding our first coupon class on May 12th @ 8:00 PM @ the Boise YMCA. (It is located off of Cloverdale/Chinden) The address is: 5959 N Discovery Way Boise, Id 83713.

The class is FREE to attend and we are accepting any food/basic need donation at the door. (we will donate all items to a local shelter in need) Plus there will be prizes to win!

This will be a great class for all couponer's at any level. Come be apart of Discount Queen's 1st coupon class!