Thursday, March 29, 2012

Do you know anyone selling a trampoline???

Yesterday was a very sad day- our trampoline started breaking- bad!
When the springs started flying, I yelled- "Get off the tramp!!!"

Needeless to say- we need a tramp ASAP!The kids live on it when they are outside and now we are on the lookout.

Let me know if you see, hear or have one for sale!

A lazy Spring break...

Normally for Spring Break, we are heading off to the coast and then on to Seattle to be with family, but this year we decided to stay home and save a little $.

With the new baby arriving, and the need for a ton of "boring" stuff to buy (like tires and a furnace) we thought we would stay- but oh, how sad I am feeling right now not being with my Mama lounging on the couch talking at 6:00 in the morning, or forcing my G-ma to cook all my favorite foods when we come to stay the night. I am really sad not to be there, but I know it was smart to stay and save. Darn, being responsible!

The kids have been out of school for a week now. Their last day was Wed, followed by 2 great parent/teacher confrences! They are both doing super & still ahead or right where they should be. They are both doing well grade wise, socially, and enjoying school for the most part (Tristin would rather play video games all day, of course)

We have been pretty lazy around here, which has been SUPER nice. Trav's over time schedule has just about killed me the past few weeks. I was up yesterday watching the news at 4:30 AM, but then stayed in bed until 9:00 AM!!! I couldn't believe it! I NEVER do that! Besides waisting half my day it felt like, it was pretty nice to just roll out when ever I felt like it!

When it hasn't been raining, the kids have been playing outside, riding bikes, climbing trees, & jumping on the tramp (which is now offically off limits- because it is falling apart! Add that to the list of stuff to buy!)
I have been working on organizing the storage sheds, food pantry, sewing projects, shampooing carpets, laundry, kids, and feeding my hungry, hungry hippos! I cannot believe how much more they are eating now. Seriuosly, I know it gets worse when they are teeanagers- but holy cow, my kids can eat!

The kids start swim lessons on Monday and it will last the month of April. I wanted to get that done so I could actually rest for 3 seconds after the baby arrived and not feel like I had to get up EVERY morning for 2 weeks to get the kids to lessons with a newborn and a 2 year old to watch at the same time. It just didn't sound fun, so I signed them at the Rec center this year instead- plus it will be indoors! Yeah for that added bonus!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Burp rags...

It's fun to actually make boy stuff for me and not for all my friends!I love being able to use my "boy" fabric.

*** April- here are the burp rags you asked about today. I normally use chenille for the back, but I've been wanting to try terry cloth- so that's what these are on the back. They are mostly cotton tops, with the exception of 1 flannel & one made from an old vintage pillow case (the one with the bib)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh, Spring, how I love thee...

Spring is my favorite season in the whole world. I love, love, love it! Other than our wild snow storm 2 days ago- Spring has come and it's been lovely!

One of my other favorite things is opening the windows to air out the house after a long Winter. There is nothing more refreshing to me (other than a shower and deodorant, of course!)

The kids played outside for hours today- which is a beautiful thing as well. They had fun with sidewalk chalk, playing with friends, catching bugs, riding their scooters, having a picnic outside and jumping on the tramp.

Thank you Spring... the sun has made me feel alive

Welcome month 6...

It feels like time stops when you're pregnant- literally. But I know it doesn't...

Keeping busy with 4 other kiddos, makes the weeks fly by and I'm so glad! Here's to welcoming month 6!

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Mama's hope chest...

I know I posted before- but when my Mom & step Dad bought a new house, they had to down size- BIG TIME! Lucky for me, I inherited a few of my long time treasures, like my Mom's hope chest that she's had for a zillion years! I grew up seeing this every day and it makes me miss my Mama every time I look at it in my house now.

I didn't want to hurt her feelings- but the brown and navy just wern't my thing- but I didn't want to alter it too much either and change it too drastically. I LOVE Home Fabrics and went Saturday to check out the fabric to recover the top. I was so happy when I found one of my favorite vintage- looking prints for $ 4.99 a yard! Sweet!

So here is my newest project- which I am thrilled to be doing instead of the car seat! (I did get the straps done though!)

Love you Mama. And thank you for trusting me with this special piece of furniture- one day the girls will fight over it, I'm sure!

Scout field trip...

On Saturday the Scouts had a field trip to the animal refuge center. We've been there several times before and the kids always have fun looking at stuff and touching the dead animal carcus's. I know it's apart of nature and all, but why do we have to pet dead skunks, foxes, and other nasty rodents? It totally grosses me out and the kids thought it was a blast to shove random dead things in my face. Sick.
We went on the 1/2 mile walk outside, watched a video, had a few stations and then wandered around with the kids. It was a great 2 hours!

Thanks Jana for being an AMAZING leader! You are the best!!!

The car seat...

Another confession: I love to sew, but I really have no clue what I'm doing. And lets just admit, when you have no clue what you're doing- you have no business trying to make a new car seat cover. This is what we get folks- I'm tired of this beast and besides the strap holes- I'm calling it quits. The fabric is cute enough to cover my 10,ooo mistakes, so I'm really not caring anymore.

Before Willow was born, I made the girly cover for the car seat- but I couldn't keep it for the little man- so I took the plunge and decided to try again. Praying all the way-I pulled out my seam ripper and went to town taking the old one apart to use as my pattern. Let's just say 12 pieces, and not a clue- doesn't add up to pretty!

But again, oh well!I picked up the head rest at a yard sale for .25 and it's a nice one- but it has pink on it- so I'm looking at another impossible piece to try to cover. I told my MIL I would be over for some button hole lessons and recovering help! Wish me luck!

More fabric...

Let's face it... fabric delights my soul. It's beautiful, it's soft and you can make anything you want out of it! Here's a few more I picked up for the car seat cover, burp rags and summer blankets!

Friday, March 16, 2012


I redid my chore jar yesterday. More chores to come...

Twist ties...

I came across another blog with a cute idea. At: she made super cute twist ties out of scrap book paper and wire (26 g).
I laminated mine to make them last a little longer. They don't look cute with the gummy bears- but imagine them on something else!

22 + weeks... Almost to month 6!

I certinally didn't want to fold laundry- so I hopped in the bathroom and had an incredible photo session with me and the babes. Here we are looking 500 pounds heavier and simply gross.

For some reason I cannot seem to connect the dots in my brain that the weight gain is pregnancy related. I just see myself getting bigger and bigger and think it's becuse I'm randomly eating for a dozen people- not because I'm housing a beautiful little baby. I don't feel pretty like you're supposed to being pregnant- I just feel incredibly discusting and can't seem to get past it. "Oh you silly brain, be nice"- I want to say...

Not enough sleep...

Beteween Trav's crazy overtime work schedule lately and wild dreams where kangaroos and cheethas are running frantically in my back yard- the sleep situation has been a little rough this week.

Seriously, 3:45 is WAY TO EARLY! Then add a crazy brain like mine that instantly starts spinning when my eyeballs open- and it leads to this: internet surfing and blog posting by 4:30.

I did have to post Trav's amazing boston creme pie that he made for work today. He had been talking about making it for a week or 2- something to do with computers and pie and a little party they were having. I instantly thought- you better make it buddy, because I'm not getting on line to try to figure out how to make one of those. (My pies consist of graham cracker crusts, pudding, cool whip and sprinkels- that's it!)

But he is truely amazing and whipped this bad boy out, and all I had to do was bake the cake part. He made the creme from scratch and did everything else himself! It looked really good too! Way to amaze me even more babe!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The fish tank...

Our 3 fish were living inside this tiny bowl (after our HUGE punch bowl that served as our bowl- broke)

It was actually really sad, so 2 weeks ago, Trav bought a 5 gallon fish tank for them and they are in Heaven. We added 4 more fish and they love their new space.

My Office wall...

I bought this black shadow box years and years ago at a yard sale- and for the past few years I've been saving Office stuff to put inside it. It's still a work in progress, but it makes me smile every time I walk past it.

What makes me happy...

Am I weird that I love the smell of these? I like to leave the lid open and let the orange smell fill the room- wonderful!


Last night Tristin & I had one of our dates- just he and I. We went to Target and bought him some shoes on clearance, slurped yummy icee's, went to Old Navy and then Goodwill.

When we stopped at Old Navy, we found this super cute jacket (sz 3-6 months) that made us stop in our tracks. We both just stood there saying how cute it was and we had to have it- so I totally splurged! I know another child will not inherit these clothes, so my $ is kinda pointless and wasteful, but I had too. Plus it's cuter in person!

Then I found these super cute shoes at Goodwill for .99!
I'm kind of liking the boy stuff right now!


Willow came out a few minutes meowing like a cat- when I turned around- she was one!

Baby Names...

I think people should zip their lips when it comes to parents picking baby names. It's just rude for strangers at the super market to go on about how they dislike your choice, or for your family or friends to go on about how silly it sounds or how they will probably be made fun of at school- besides, it's your kid, right???
(not that any of these things have happened so far...)

So, I'm spilling the beans on our baby name, because I am incapable of keeping baby secrets- go ahead and love it or hate it- just know we like it!

If it would have been a girl, my choices were:

Raven (this has been on my girl list as long as Daisy & Willow. I always wanted a bird name too!)

My boy choices were:

Sparrow (another bird... I'm a hippie at heart I tell you!)

So... because we are having a boy, and Trav has only named 1 of our children- I thought I would lean his direction and be a nice wife for once. he brought up Roman when we were pregnant with Willow and I liked it, but then she turned out to be a girl- so I got my way and named her.

This time he brought it up again and it stuck, until Lincoln came up. We live next to that road, so I saw the sign all the time and loved it- but Trav didn't. I was bummed because I could just picture a little blond boy running around (Tristin was super blond when he was little so I just imagined his brother looking similure.)

Then, the past month or 2, Trav started REALLY liking the name Dane, but I just wasn't feeling it. He kept talking about it and I just kept shaking my head inside thinking: I'm not crazy about it, and what happened to Roman?

Anyway, when he brought up Roman Dane- I said, "Yes. Lets do it."

So, little Roman it is!

Crib/ diaper holder...

I went to Target yesterday to wander around before Costco opened and was delighted to hit the jack pot on clearanced items! I found this cute green pouch for $ 2.28 that i had to have for baby stuff. I put a few clips on and attached it to the end of the crib. I think I'll put a few diapers in here later on- we'll see!

Working on baby stuff...

If I don't keep myself excited and busy with baby stuff, I fear I may remain pregnant for 30 years, so to help the time fly by, I'm keeping busy with little projects to keep my mind off my bulging body.

I found a HUGE white frame at a yard sale last year for .50 that I plan to decorate and place above the crib. I'm still searching for inspiration and glad that I still have lots of time to figure out what I want to do with it.

The mobile is still a work in progress, but because I love stars- I'm using some glitter Christmas tags from Target and covering the backs with cute green and yellow paper. I also have green lanterns that I hope will work with it too- who knows right now!

I'm still working on decore for the tops of the cabneit- and this is what I have for the moment. I love that yard sales are starting and I'll be able to pick up stuff to work with!