Monday, April 13, 2009

I am SO excited for our garden!

The only things I've been excited about the past few months have been nap time, bed time, American Idol, clean bed sheets to lay in all day, Lysol wipes for the toilet seat so I could rest my head on it and my comfortable sweats. Nothing else has even mattered. But, I must say, I am now filled with joy and excitement as the gardening season is almost here! I've even found myself day dreaming about my square foot garden! Who have I turned into? I'm still wondering myself! I started my Yard Sale list and everything on it is canning related too!. We had a very busy day (or should I say Trav did as I was pretty useless. I did till up some dirt with the back of a hammer, but that's about it!)Here are some pictures of our new garden. We are excited to start planting!


Here are the kids looking over their loot & on their way to church. Can I say how amazing my husband is! He has taken the kids to church every Sunday by himself for the past 10 weeks! I love that man!

A very low key Easter...

This year we had Easter all by ourselves. Trav's parents were staying the weekend with his sister to help with the new baby, so no big family gathering this year. I was feeling really sick anyway, so another day in bed was fine by me. We did manage to have a few minutes of fun. We dyed Easter eggs, had an Easter egg hunt and made our bunny cake (and we even talked about the real meaning of Easter and how it has nothing to do with any of that!)