Thursday, October 3, 2013

Miss Willow over the years...

I love going through old pictures over the years. I'm soooo glad I take a million too because I really can't remember things anymore. I love you Turkey!

Happy 4th Birthday Willow!

Miss Willow turned 4 on Tuesday and tonight is her party! She had a fun day, shopping with her dollars, and opening presents!

It's official... my Dad is moving here!

My Dad called awhile ago to tell me he was moving here to Idaho. He explained that there were were some life changes and he wanted to come to Boise and start over, start his Japanease landscaping here, be closer to us and watch his grandkids grow up. I was very sad to hear why he was moving from Washington and also sad for my Aunt Helene who has lived near him for several years. After I let all of that sink in- images of BBQ's in the back yard with him, motorcycle rides, having him attend school concerts and having him in my life again, overwhelmed me. My heart smiled and at times I found myself in tears so eager to heal what his absence caused growing up. I just wanted my Dad for so long. Over the years we've seen him, but they have always been short visits that never felt long enough. I have clung to each one and have thanked him and the Lord for the time together. Even as an adult, apart of me always jumped when he said he was coming to stay overnight because even now at 33, I stillneed my Dad. I am so excited to have him here. And just a few miles away too! Apart of me has felt very lonely as I've lived near Trav's family because at events and holidays all I could was call mine and hear the joyful noise in the background. I know we wont be together every second, but I am so thankful he will be here next week. It's strange that even as a grown up how much you just want your parents around!

Service Pillow...

I've been praying for a way to get my children more excited about service ( or maybe just myself!!) and I wanted to do something at home to promote it more. I sewed a "Service Pillow" last week and made a pocket so we could write notes to each other too. I started it- cleaned Tristin's room, wrote him a note and then left it on his pillow. He found it, unloaded the dishwasher without being asked and then gave it back to me. This morning I wrote a note to Grace and left it on her pillow- so we will see how it works! Anything to have nicer kids!

Grace has a gift...

Maybe bug catching is super easy and I'm just not aware of it- but I kind of doubt it, regaurdless, Grace is crazy good at catching bugs. Weird and kind of gross, but she is strangly good at it. Not just the little bugs- but the big huge guys too- here's a dragon fly from a few weeks ago. She is honestly ALWAYS catching things!