Sunday, January 23, 2011

*** Nursing Post- Beware...

Just a little reminder that my blog has turned into my personal journal, so I write things down purely for me to refrence back to in a few months when I have completely forgoten! I realize that no one reading cares or even wants to read about me nursing, but I'm writing it down for me. With that being said, I am almost 100% done nursing!!! Like I've posted 100 times before, I have NEVER had this problem, I normally have the tiniest milk supply so I've never gone this long in all my life! I was just happy to nurse my babies for a few months!
I knew it was time to be done, which we were close to anyway- she was only eating twice a day- at nap time & bedtime, but boy did she want her milk! It was a huge struggle the first week but we survived! I went an entire week without nursing, but then felt like I had a clogged duct on one side, so we had to take care of that. A few days later- the same thing on the opposite side, same story. It had been close to 2 weeks on that side so I was proud of myself. I didn't know if I had to suffer through it or just let her drink to relieve it. I knew I was almost on "empty" anyway, so I didn't stress about it, I just felt bad for confusing the poor girl! Anyway- I think we are almost done. It's been 2 weeks and she's only "taken the edge off" twice, so does that count??? I say so.

*** Sorry for that, I just had to document it. I never intended other people to read about my boring life, so if you do, you'll have to skip most of my posts or just deal with my ramblings!