Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our little update...

So, just when life was settling down, it went and got all wild and crazy again!

My wonderful VW bug:
I think I've proved how much that tiny yellow car means to me, incase you didn't realize it- A LOT!!!! We had it back for a little while and things were great, until Saturday morning at 5:50 when Trav called to say he was stranded on the side of the road. I tried not to think swear words in my mind, but I think I might have, so I rounded up my 4 sleeping beauties and picked up their Papa a little while later. The bug was on the side of the road, so I left a sign asking people to have mercy and not tow it, that we would be back later to get it. We took Daddy to work and then picked him up later that night. His Dad helped us tow it back to the house that evening, but we had some angy drivers behind us that night! Our mechanic came out on Monday and discovered that our gas hose had come undone due to an old ring, so he replaced that. Did I mention that Trav had filled the tank the night before and we just stood there Saturday morning watching our gas/money pour out into the dirt below? So, after charging the battery that was giving him problems as well, things seem to be fine... for now! Please pray everyone!

School: My dear sweet husband decided to go back to school a little while ago. We both knew that it would be great for him to do it, but with a house, a job, 4 kids,church stuff & life, we kind of didn't know how or where to fit it in, but he found a great IT program through University of Pheniox, bit the bullet and went for it. He started about 2 weeks ago and is doing well so far. Luckily, the next 2 years will be online, so he'll be home instaed of on campus, it'll just be another adjustment. He is such an incredible man, a very hard worker and I'm so proud of him. I'm proud because he's making a sacrafice to help our family. I love him more every day.

Ward Mission leader:
Trav was just called to be the ward mission leader at church, so he's had his first 7:15 AM meeting, lots of phone calls, talks with the missionaries and we had them over for dinner again last night! As they were leaving, they said, "Your husband is our new best friend." I hope Trav enjoys this calling, as much as he did Primary. Now I just need to figure out what to start feeding these poor guys!

Mastitus- AGAIN!!!
Seriously, I think God is trying to teach me a few lessons, because I seem to be taking my good health for granted or something! I had mastitus in Dec and was SOOOOOOOOOOOO sick I just wanted to die. For those of you lucky women who have never had an infection in the breast, thank God RIGHT now, because you are blessed. Try to imagine the worst flu you've had and then times it by 10, and that's how great you feel. Then last month I had strep throat and was sicker than sick and now I'm trying to get over mastitus again. I'm feeling a billion times better than Monday, but still really achy and nauseaed. Monday morning I went to Albertson's with Angie at 6:00 AM to get our deals, but I was feeling really sick- so I put a plastic bag in my pocket incase I had to throw up. (Heaven forbid I just NOT go, right?) Anyway, we were shopping for awhile and then in line to check out, when I knew I was going to have a serious problem, so off to the super clean Albertson's bathroom stall I went, and- yup, you guessed it- threw up like crazy... did I mention taco salad from the night before???!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about the most disgusting thing ever! SOOO GROSS!!! All I wanted were my clorox wipes because the toilet and floor I was kneeling on was so nasty!!!! I hurried home where all I could do was continue to throw up like a mad woman for the next 14 hours. Everything was terrible. My right brea*t was really sore, red and achy, hot/cold sweats, dizzy (but not as bad as Dec. That was agonizing. I was crying forever I was in so much pain. I could hardly move my right side or even turn in bed. I was without drugs for 2 days that time, terrible.) This time I threw up 11 rounds which consisted of at least 5 upheavles of vomit each time. That's over 50 times folks! No wonder every muscle in my body still aches. I couldn't keep anything down, even water, so I had to wait until late that night when it had been a hour since my last eposide to take my medicine. After a blessing, some drugs and an okay nights sleep, I was MUCH better by morning. Oh how I appreicate and admire those pioneer women!!!! Incredible!!!Now I just feel like garbage, but at least I can eat, walk around and take care of the kiddos...Oh thank you Lord for drugs!

...did I mention Willow is getting sick again too???

Our new arrivals... Jaws & Gypsy

The kids and I went thrift store shopping on Saturday, and out of the blue, the Lord prompted me to buy gold fish for the kids. What? I kept asking him... Are you kidding me? Why in the world should I buy goldfish? (Probaly because he knew he wouldn't get me to buy a cat, or dog, or bird or reptile of any kind!)
So, long story short, we found a bowl for $ 1.00, 2 fish for .56, fish food & a net for under $ 5.00. (Yes, and I even stepped inside Petco! The terrible place. But I had to get a net there.)
So, they've already had their first bath today, nobody has killed them by overfeeding, but boy, do they want to try, and I've put the fear in the kids that if they do anything but look at them, they will end up killing them... so, we'll see how long Jaws & Gypsy last here at the house where the Mom despises "anything living" (Trav said that about me a long time ago because I hate animals, wood, plants in the home ect...!)
Thanks Lord for the great prompting!
(And I'm on the look out for a cool peace sign they can swim through- I might have to make one!)

Little Willow turns 5 months old...

Our little baby girl is 5 months old already! And a whopping 12.11 pounds (as of her last app. a few weeks ago)! She is still the happiest baby as long as she has milk! She's using her little ab muscles now and pushes herself up and then scoots half way out of her baby seat, so it might be time to put it away. She's smiling, laughing, grabbing, drooling, sucking on everything and loving every minute of it. She's a doll!

Oh, it feels good to laugh...

I took this picture about 2 weeks ago and died laughing, Tristin looks like a goof ball!