Wednesday, April 4, 2012


My 5:00 AM internet surfing often brings many beautiful treats my way. I found theis key lime pie reciepe yesterday and hurried to gather all the ingredients. So good. And so easy.

If you know me, you know I hate to cook and bake- but I'm trying. no better thing to try than a delightful pie that makes all your sadness disappear.

Here's what you need:

1/4 cup boiling water
1 3 oz. box lime jello
2 containers of 6 oz key lime yogurt
2 8 oz. thawed containers of cool whip
2 tsp lime juice ( I used a TON more. It was NOT enough. I just added to taste until a slight tartness was there.)
1 premade graham crust
Lime peel for top (did not have a fresh lime)

*** Boil water. Add jello box and stir. Let jello cool on counter. Add yougurt, stir in cool whip, add lime juice and stir. Pour into crust and chill. Add cool whip and peel to top if desired!

Enjoy and thank me later!

God cares about our pregnancy cravings...

Ok, don't judge me too harshly, but I love Pop Tarts, especially Raspberry flavored, but I hardly ever buy them. (The last time was approx 2 years ago when they had that massive sale at Albertson's and I tottally loaded up. Well, we ran out a long time ago and I never bought any more, except on Valentine's day)

Well, for some unknown reason, this baby has been wanting Pop tarts like nobody's business and I've been neglecting his food choices for a long time.

Angie and I were doing doublers the other night and I put 3 small boxes in my cart. I had a $ 1.00 off coupon, but they were still going to be about $ 4.00. I carried them around awhile and just decided not to get them so I took them out of the cart and didn't buy them.

This morning when I made my Wed morning Albertson's run- one of my favorite checkers asked if I wanted any Pop Tarts and pointed to the cart a few feet away. I stopped. What? Pop Tarts? Where? I said, "Of course! How much are they?" She said, " for you, .25 a box- they expire tomorrow."

I said, " Oh Hillary, I love you! I've been craving these things like mad! Thank you!!! Thank you. Thank you.

She wanted 4 boxes, another lady bought 2 and I came home with 23 boxes. I used 4 $ 1.00 off coupons and paid $ 1.75 for all of them! Thank you Lord for blessing my wonderful cravings. ( I secretely think the Lord was tired of hearing my whinning and complaining!)

Dying Easter eggs...

For DAYS Grace has begged me to dye Easter eggs, and everyday I have turned her down telling her it was too early. Finally today I couldn't handle it anymore and caved in. She just looked bored and i felt guilty for doing "Mom" things all day and not playing.I had 4 sets of the dye tablets and tons of eggs, so why not I thought.

After Willow went down for her nap- Grace had a blast doing her eggs- FINALLY.

(My wanting an egg salad sandwich for lunch had nothing to do with this decision either. wink.wink.)

Don't turn your back...

... or you might find this!
I love it when the girls get into my make up!