Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pinewood Derby...

Pinewood Derby!!!

We had a fun night at the church! Tristin's car didn't win any races, but he was a really good sport, and we talked about how that's really the most important thing. He wanted to win, let me tell you- but he kept his composure and enjoyed the evening!He received a few awards/badges for the year too! Good job Tristin!

A Party on a budget...

I had to laugh yesterday when our neighbor boy- Liam said- "Wow, you sure spend a lot on parties, don't you?" (He was helping set up)
I just shook my head and said, "Nope. I got a lot of this at yard sales!"

It was funny because this was the least expensive party ever! Not that it was anything special (it was for Tristin- but I'm used to fancy, frilly, girly partys where I go all out and spend months preparing for!)
Here's the break down:

Decorations & paper Goods:
.25 for a HUGE bag of balloons, streamers, napkins & tissue paper!
.50 for a HUGE roll of red table cloth covering (Still have a ton)
.50 for a HUGE roll of bright yellow butcher paper (Still have a ton)
Homemade Pokemon banner= used butcher paper
$ 1.04- blue plates (clearenced from Target)
$ 1.50- Pokemon napkins
.50 blue beverage holder (yard sale)
Homemade Invites

FREE hot dogs with coupons
buns from costco= $ 2.00 something
drinks, chips, cookies = used coupons- cheap
Fruit- normal price $ 2.98

Treat bags: FREE or cheap stuff from coupons

Entertainment: FREE

Gifts: used $ 20.00 in Kohls gift cards that came FREE in the mail!! Awesome!
$ 2.49 for a model car from Michaels (on clearance a few months ago!)

Anyway- my advice for throwing a party is: buy clearanced items, buy new stuff at yard sales, buy food with coupons, make as much handmade as possible and get creative! It doesn't have to cost a lot of $ to throw a fun party!