Thursday, December 2, 2010


Like always, my Mother-In-Law made an amazing Thanksgiving dinner. Let me tell you, she can cook, and she loves to cook- and pretty much born to make amazing food! When Trav and I were dating, I flew to Nampa to visit one time, and after that trip I knew if we became "serious", poor Trav was going to be a very sad boy- I AM NOT A COOK! And coming from his Mama's cooking, I was going to be the world's biggest let down. Trav didn't seem to care about my million flaws because he still married me, what a silly, silly man.
And sadly, 11 1/2 years later, I am still the furthest from being super in the kitchen, I hate it infact.

Anyway... Thanksgiving was very nice. All of Trav's siblings drove to Edith & Max's for dinner. Ben & Cammy came with their 5 girls, Rob drove from Utah with his 4, Ellen and Will came down with their 4, and we had our 4 as well. Somehow, we all manage to fit in their 1300 sq. ft home- all 26 of us. We also opened presents, like we do each year (from the cousins)it's our mini Christmas with them since they all stay home for Christmas. I had to fly out right after presents were done, but it was a very nice day.

I am so grateful for my beautiful family, amazing food, vaccuum cleaners, chocolate, Advil, The Office, my bed, fuzzy slippers, Lysol, our warm house, running cars, junk food, water, washer/dryers, the gospel, computers, Target, America, toilets, Costco, hand sanitizer, our jobs, amazing friends,laughter & chapstick.