Thursday, September 5, 2013

Part 2- Seattle!

We left Seaside around 5:30PM and got to G-ma's house safe & sound! We were exhausted and ready to get out of the car. We had a good night's sleep and then woke up and: ate waffles, played the marble game, went over to G-ma's house, hit a yard sale, played some more and had fun! The next few days were filled with yummy food, a family gathering, yard saling, 2 sleep overs with the cousin's, relaxing, more yummy food, baking, going to the park, a breakfast with my step sister and Mama, watching a few episodes of Hoarders with Mom, visiting with G-ma & G-pa before they got sick, a football game, a series of Bingo & dime toss games and visiting with family (and seeing my sweet Erin!) It was a wonderful few days and I always wish it could be longer.Thank you Mom for spoiling us, thank you Brent for taking Trav to the game, thank you Jake & April for taking the kiddos overnight to play with their cousins and thanks Erin for making the drive out to Mom's new place to see us! We love you guys and had a great trip. After 1300 miles though, we are tired and now getting back into normal life: 4:00 AM alarm clocks and laundry!

Our trip - Part 1- Seaside!

The second after we heard the Huskies were planning on playing BSU, our trip home was in the works. My step dad, Brent gets season tickets every year and he told Trav he was invited! At one point Trav mentioned flying to Seattle by himself upon where laughter and mean smirks were displayed. "Yeah right, babe!" Was probably my remark. "You're not going to visit my family and leave me home with the kids!" So we started planning a few days at the coast, a visit to see my step G-ma and a visit home to see my family. So, I started saving: I had 2 yard sales, sold items on Craigslist, the kids earned close to 100.00 in odd jobs from friends & people at church, and I had several cleaning jobs! Thank you Lord for oppertunites to earn extra $!! We stopped in Portland first to see G-ma Arthur who recently moved and who we had not seen since my G-pa passed away 3 years ago. Her health has been declining and I knew it was important to visit with her while she was still well enough to remember us. We took lots of pictures, hugged, talked and saw her new place. It was a wonderful visit! After the kids reached their max, we gave hugs goodbye and hopped back in the van for 2 more hours of driving to Seaside. We made it there safe and just in time for some light rain. We put our bags away and went skipping off to enjoy the water before the sun went down. It was actually quite warm, so we played in the water, took pictures and videos and went back to our hotel soaking wet and covered in sand. The kids went swimming with Papa while I stayed in the room coming down with what I thought was Mastitus again. I was almost in tears as I started looking up clinics to get antibiotics. We had waited so long for our trip and I was getting another infection and I has so sad and in pain. I prayed my guts out and just asked that I wouldn't get too sick while we were at the coast since we had cut our stay short anyway. Trav brought the kids back from the pool and then ran off to the store to grab a head of cabbage for me. It was my first time using it and all I have to say is it didn't turn into anything!( Hopefully it was just a clogged duct) I would have bet my entire life on it- as I've been plauged with Mastitus 100 times. I was elated either way and super grateful!!! We played at the coast as much as we could because it POURED like CRAZY for most of the trip. We had fun anyway and just knew we would get wet! We had a great time!!!