Friday, March 18, 2011

The Bug...

It's a good thing I'm not one of those girls who gets her hair done, nails done, has super cute clothes or designer purses. It's a good thing I like to shop at thrift stores and yard sales and use a kabillion coupons to save money too.
I'm SUPER low maintaince and I'm REALLY good at letting myself go too- here is what I've come to realize: I LIVE in my black pants because I don't have a pair of jeans that fit anymore, my sports bras are no longer white- they are some hidious color I am ashamed to even look at anymore, my slippers are torn and are losing the stuffing as I type, my only white tee shirt has a stain and so I took white out to cover it up, my black shoes have a hole in the toe & are ripping at the seam, and I'm still wearing clothes that are at least 10 years old.
I guess my point is: it's a good thing I'm this way because I make up for it with my VW repair bills!!! My poor bug had to go to the shop- it was getting almost impossible to reverse & shift and I was stalling everywhere. Trav was getting stranded on his way to work (so he's been taking the van for a month)and we knew it had to be done. I was praying for a tiny little bill around $ 100 or so- but no luck here folks- how about $ 1250.00!
I almost felt ill. I wanted to swear (but I didn't)and I almost cried. I am grateful for our tax money, but really? We had other bills to pay with that! UGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As I was reporting my VT today, and talking to a sweet lady from church, we started talking about Japan and all the horrible events over there. I was quickly humbled and reminded that although my trials are not always fun or cheap, I am indeed one of the luckiest girls I know. So, I will try to be a little more grateful that we have 2 cars (one being my dream car!)and that is is being fixed so my life can continue to be pretty darn comfortable. I'll take my car problems any day. Thank you Lord for the expensive humbling moment...

Tristin organizes a nature walk & litter pick up activity...

Tristin has 2 more months to complete all of his requirements for his wolf badge in scouts, so we've been working on a lot of them lately & trying to incorporate them into Family Home Evenings, and other family activities. Today after school, we went on a walk and picked up trash around our neighborhood & his school. We had 4 bags FILLED by the time we made it back home. I'm really glad we took the time to beautify our surroundings and make time to be together as a family. Way to go Tristin!


Surprise. Surprise. Like this is news, I know. But I was thrilled to see a yard sale sign on my way to pick up a friends daughter from school. I went home, picked up my kids 7 some $ and then went out to find the sale. I am so thankful that God has given me such a strong desire to go to yard sales, because I always seem to find exactly what I've been needing or secretely praying for. So, I spent a whopping $ 3.50 and got: 2 jeans for Tristin, 2 jeans for Daisy, 3 pairs of shorts for Tristin, 3 PJ bottoms for Tristin, a pair of boots for me, black shoes for Daisy, a dry erase board, 2 back packs, a flash light, and a bunch of FREE stuff they kept giving the kids. I was so happy to find jeans for .25 each! Oh, thank you wonderful yard sale for making me so happy today!

Relief Society B-day Dinner...

Several months ago I was called to be the head comittee member for RS activities. I was thrilled because you know me, I love to throw parties! First I helped with our annual Super Saturday & had the bright idea to try & teach the ladies how to do 15 craft projects- lesson learned: there is only 1 of me and A LOT of them! This year I plan to teach just a few.
On Tuesday night we survived our B-day dinner- but wow, was that a lot of work! Planning, advertising, planning, meetings, sign up sheets, trying to find lots of helpers, more meetings, 3 weeks in a row at the church making copies at night, posters, buying food for 100 people, preparing the food for 100 poeple, reminder calls, center pieces, setting up, decorating, check off lists, and then getting 100 plates of food out the door for the young men & women to serve etc... I think I'm still recovering! My feet were so sore that night and I finally got home by 10:00 PM- almost 6 1/2 hours later.
I think the night was a success, I was in the kitchen, so I hope it went as planned! It was a crazy couple of weeks, but it was wonderful to spend time thinking back over the years abut all the amazing women who have helped shape RS- I am indeed grateful to be apart of something so incredible!