Monday, December 15, 2008

A great visit with G-ma & G-pa...

Every time I find out Mom is coming for a visit, it feels like the next few weeks just freeze, and nothing else seems to matter. It's all I can think about, it's all I what, and it's all consuming. Just the thought of hugging her again, or sitting on the couch talking, or playing dark adventures, is all my heart wants. I just want my Mama every second because she's my world and I miss her more than I've ever missed anything/anyone in my entire life. She is my best friend and I would be lost without her. Thank you Mom for coming... I love you!
G-pa Brent & Tristin at breakfast...

Three of my favorite people in the world! Tristin, G-ma & Daisy at breakfast...

Thank you for a wonderful trip G-ma & G-pa!!!

Daisy & "Petse" (Thank you G-pa Brent for the 4 foot tiger!)
A VERY rare sight! Two men cleaning the kitchen!!!

Here they are making ginger bread cookies!

Here are the wonderful houses with roofs falling off and walls caving in!

Grace was putting tape on G-pa's lips (probably a good idea) and here he is putting it on her foot.

G-ma & G-pa come for a visit!!!

My mother is going to kill me for posting this picture of her and "Petse", but, oh well, Mama!
My step Dad, Brent, is probably the funniest/silliest person I know, so when ever he is around, you can expect: ripped money, tons of jokes, kids running around following his intense work out schedule, and LOTs & LOTs of laughter. He is amazing and I love him.

Here's Grace licking the frosting off the floor!

The finished gingerbread houses!

My Mom and step dad have been planning a trip out here for a few weeks, so when they told me they were coming, the kids and I instantly started planning the magical events! # 1 was the gingerbread house making. Here they are at about 8:40 in the morning working on their houses! And there is Grace preparing for a wonderful sugar high!