Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Willow eating fruit with G-ma April...

Staying the night with G-ma & G-pa...

After the funeral and lunch, Willow & I stayed the night at G-ma & G-pa's house. We had fun playing, watching Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, eating pudding, making carmaled popcorn, eating waffles, staying up until 1:00 AM talking with G-ma, watching Willow play, thrift store shopping and relaxing. I adore my Grandparents and I love every second with them! We had a great time, thank you!!!

Fun with G-ma & G-pa...

Spending time at Grammy's house...

These are a few pictures taken as we were about to leave my G-ma's house. Willow hasn't had this much attention in all her life!

Visiting Uncle Caleb, Eli & Aunt Cindy...

Sunday morning Mom, Willow and I drove to Seattle to visit my brothers and Aunt Cindy. We ate lunch and visited for a few hours. Dexter, their dog and Willow were the highlight of the afternoon. Mom bought the cutest X-mas pj's for Dexter and he looked adorable waddling around in them. After Willow woke up from her nap, she was in love with the dog!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My pink bundle of joy...

I admit it- I am late to join the world in all its tecnology advanced, time consuming miracles. Like online shopping, printing boarding passes 24 hours ahead of time, thanks for the tip Mom!, reserving Redbox movies online and then making your husband go get it for you...
We didn't have cell phones for the longest time, I was late to blog, I didn't understand why people were obsessed with texting, wasn't a phone made for talking? I have almost 2000 emails to look through because I hardly check that anymore, I still don't know how to figure out Facebook, I had to ask my 3 year old how to exit a game on the computer the other day and after the cell phone I lost track of all the advancments. I've heard of thinks like: mp3 players, Ipods, iphones, itunes, blackberrys, ipads and so on, but don't ask me what they do because I have no clue- except, I'm learning!!!
I know, brace yourself. The beauty of knowing nothing means you have very little expectations, which is why my cute little ipod shuffle is my new modern miracle! Don't laugh at me.
A few years ago I entertained the though of how cool it would be to have one, because at the time I was guessing they played music, like a walkman, right? Yes. Travis told me, sadly shaking his head. So for our 9th wedding Anniversary he slipped me a tiny box and I squealed with delight knowing what was waiting for me inside. He got the hot pink one and I couldn't wait to be cleaning my houses and singing to Alannis while I worked. But then a very sad thing happened...
My wonderful, amazing, very technology capable husband never put my songs on it. Really Trav? I asked him at least a thousand times to do it for me because just opening the little plastic box was challenging enough for me, but no, he didn't do it. So afer several months, I grew upset with him for blowing our gift budget, getting me all excited and then not helping me! For months I nagged him to do it, but nothing. Before Willow was born, I asked him so I could have it at the hospital-nothing. For our 10th anniversary I asked him to do it as my gift-but nothing. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH MY HUSBAND??? It became the topic of conversation many times and I was not very happy about it. He knew I was computer challenged and he was really going to get me a gift that required computer knowledge and then not help me?? I was really frustrated!!!
So, yesterday I became 100% sick and tired of needing and depending on my husband to download or upload (which ever one it is)my adorable little ipod and I told myself, I'm going to do it without him and when he comes home he will see that I can do anything on my own... Oh Emily, how wrong you were. I spent hours watching you tube videos, searching the internet for help, but I was stuck. I couldn't get to the page where I knew if I was, I could probably figure it out. So, I gave in. I surrendered and lowerd my head in shame. I indeed needed my computer savy husband, but it was taking over a year and a half to do it and I wanted it for my trip home to Seattle in 2 days.
To make a long boring story longer, HE HELPED ME and in a few minutes it was done. That's why i wanted him to to it. When I attempt, I waste hours which equals no clean underware because I didn't get the laundry done because my husband should have done it back in the year that he purchased the item. Was it really worth 18 months of nagging Travis Alan???!! needless to say, I love it.
I drifted off to sleep last night listening to all my wonderful friends singing softly in my ear. It was amazing! So while our 11th anniversary is approaching in 5 months, I will be quiet now and thank my husband for a sweet gift that took incredibly way too long to set up! Thanks babe! Can't wait to get you your next gift...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Goodbye G-ma Lillian...

When we went home in May for my brother's wedding, I had such a strong impression that we should drive over to Sequim to see my G-ma. i didn't think it would be the last time I would see her or I would have stayed there a week. I did however know, that the small act on my part would make her entire day, and I knew we had to go see her. When we arrived, she was asleep in her wheel chair. I remember thinking, she is getting older isn't she? When she woke up it took her a few moments to realize we were standing there, she wasn't expecting us at all, but then that delighful look came over her and like always, she said "Oh, Emily."
I will miss her so much. She passed away on Friday and I am so thankful that my last memory with her was with my family eating chicken nuggets in the TV lounge.
I will cherish my years of playing Bingo with her, her sweet smile, the way she always asked about the kids, the way she adored me, being there at every activity and family event and her love for baseball.
I will fly home Thanksgiving to attend her funeral on Friday. It will just be Willow & I and we will stay until Monday.
I am thankful she isn't in pain anymore and I am thankful she is with her husband again.
My step Dad, Brent has been in my life since I was 6 and I am blessed to have 2 Dad's. It was his Mom and it hurts my heart to think of him without her now. Brent lost his father when he was 16 so, G-ma was his world. This past week as Mom has prepared her funeral arrangments and told me about Brent, my heart just ached for him. Knowing she was dying was really difficult. He drove over to see her several times a week because he just wanted to be with her, he didn't want to leave her side. Brent is always joking and never serious, but when it came to his Mom, he was a giant ball of emotion. He loved her, as we all did. We are just sad to say goodbye.
I know she is ok now- and if there is Bingo in Heaven, I'm sure she's beating everyone there! I love you G-ma

Family Game Night...

So, if you haven't realized it, my husband is amazing. He is such an active part in the kids lives and I am so thankful. He was playing Monopoly with them tonight and the girls had just finished their bath, so everyone was still wrapped in towels- except for Willow. She toddled out all naked and climbed up to join in the fun. It was so cute! Sorry for the in modest shot, but I had too!

Thanks for coming Aunt Helene & Dad!!!

Dad & Aunt Helene come for a visit...

It means the world to me when my Dad comes out for a visit (and my Aunt Helene too!) He drives 7 hours each way, just to spend the night with us and then has to leave the next morning to get back in time for work the next day. We had fun, like always- playing at the park, eating pizza, reading stories, playing, talking & goofing around. After everyone went to bed, Dad and I layed on the couch for over an hour and just talked.It brings me to tears now because that's all I wanted growing up- was my Dad. I just wanted to know that he loved me, and I was worth loving. I missed him terribly growing up so the time I have with him now is so much more special and cherished. We layed there in the dark talking about life- the divorce, my kids, my healing,being parents, his hard times,the death of his Father, and more. It was just what I needed- my Father by my side.
I no longer look back and dwell on what I didn't have with him growing up, although the loss still sadens my heart at times- instead, I focus on how great we are making our relationship now. I have realized being a parent is the most difficult thing i have ever done in my life. Nobody really knows what they are doing. When I became a Mother, I began to forgive my Dad on a different level because I instantly realized that our childrens lives can so easily be altered by our actions. Did I want my children holding onto my mistakes for 20 years unable to let go of them? No. I began to see my Father as a real person. Although the past happened, I now know that it is so much more beautiful being his friend than holding onto that hurt and pain.I love my Dad and I am thankful for the time he takes to be with us. I am grateful for the healing that continues every time I am with him. My heart no longer feels shattered, it feels like it is back together and whole again. I love every second with him because we have come so far. Thank you Dad for being there, for making us laugh, for playing with my babies, for talking late into the night, for hugging me, for making me feel important, for sacraficing your time and days off, for seeing me as a person and not just your daughter, for loving me and for seeing a need and driving over to make it better.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Craft Show Info...

Tomorrow is the big day! I've been busy for weeks getting prepared so there is a great varity of crafts that make great Christmas, Birthday & baby shower gifts!
I will be selling:

*Trash Bags
*Beverage Holders
*Chalk Boards
*Bath salts
* Bottle cap necklaces
*Scrabble necklaces
* Cards
*Baby onesies & Bib sets
*Burp rags
*Diaper/wipe holders
*Wood blocks w/ quotes
*Framed Quotes
*Pacifier Clips
*Light Swith covers
8Wash Cloth sets
*paper clips
*Fabric flower pins
*Zipper flower pins
*Rice bags
*Fabric keychains
*Bottle cap keychains
*Plate chalk boards
*Felt flower Hair clips & rubberbands
*Bean bags
*Dish towel sets
*Tile dry erase boards
*Apron, dish towels & hot pads sets

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family Movie Night...

It's been pretty dull at our house this past week with everyone sick, so last night we tried to spruce it up a little. We had family movie night (which made sence because we were all laying around anyway.) Trav went and rented Toy Story 3, I got envelopes ready with the kids names on them, put fake $ inside, had a little consession stand and the kids got to spend their money and then have their tickets taken at the door. They were thrilled to death and super excited! As Tristin was walking away with his popcorn and treats in hand, he winked at me and said, "Mom, this is great." I almost started crying. The truth is, our kids just want to spend time with us. They want us present in their lives and it doesn't matter if it's a silly movie night, teaching them to play Yahtzee, singing bed stories to them, braiding their hair or helping cut coupons, they just want to be near us. They want to feel loved and valued just as we do as adults. Our needs are pretty much the same and I need to remember that more often. I need to make them more of a priority and let the house go. I need to remember that they won't be this little for long. We need more movie nights where we are all snuggled together, making a mess in my bed while Willow is choking on popcorn and chocolate is getting smeared all over the sheets- that's what life is all about... the moments.

Sick kids...

Willow & Grace were both feeling TERRIBLE at the beginning of the week, but knowing I was taking Willow in on Wed for shots, I didn't take them in before that. I was pretty sure Willow had an ear infection and sure enough it was a double one. Grace was miserable with pink all around her eye and she ended up with a viral infection and an ear infection in the left ear as well! So off to Walmart we ran to pick up meds... or so I thought.
Long story short, there were complications with insurance, a ton of calls back and forth to the Dr and Pharmacy,trying to pick it up 3 different times 10, 12, 3:00 that day with no luck, mistakes on on Pharmacy's end (like filling the meds wrong and telling me to come back the next day after 3:00 to get it) FINALLY, after 4 trips to Walmart to pick up medicine for my sick babies- we got it! VICTORY!!! And needless to say, they are feeling much better. I am grateful for medicine!!! Now, Daisy is sick with a nasty cough... so we are home from church trying to keep the germs from spreading. I hate the flu season!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Craft show next Saturday!

I will be in a craft show next weekend and wanted to let you know incase you are looking for inexpensive Chiristams, birthday or baby gifts. I will have a huge variety again this year all for great prices (who isn't struggling these days?) It will be at the same church as last time, near Lonestar & Midland. 9AM-4PM
(I'll get the exact address soon as well as a full list of crafts later!)
Just wanted to let you know to save the date for Nov 20th!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A very, very sad baby...

Is it terrible of me to snap pictures while my baby is crying at the top of her lungs? If so, I'm sorry. She woke up today from her nap not happy at all. I couldn't stop laughing at her hair! What on earth has she doing?!! Oh, sweet Willow- it will get better, I promise.

Happy Birthday Travis! Old 33!

I completely forgot to post these super awesome pictures of Trav's birthday party. His b-day fell on the same night as our trunk or treat, so we went over to his parents after to have cupcakes with the cousins. It was a quick event because it was past bedtime, but at least we sang and opened presents! I love Trav with all my heart, he is an amazinly good man. I am blessed to have him in my life.