Saturday, July 24, 2010

The amazing Tristin...

Here is his final project. He did it all by himself too, I drew the circle for the head, but that's it! Isn't he adorable???

A crafty mom + the only boy in the house= 1 crafty kid...

Last night I taught Tristin how to embroider- we found a ton of floss at a yard sale, which reminded me that I had been promising to teach him for the longest time, and we discovered that he LOVES it! I couldn't find my hoop anywhere, but guess what? We found one at a yard sale today! He's been working on his project all last night and today. He can do his own knots, tread his own needle and even tie it off when he's run out of thread! I'm so proud of him. Buttons, here we come! Maybe a latch hook rug? (I loved those things growing up! I made them all the time at my G-ma's house. She was the one who taught me how to embroider.)

1st day of swim lessons...

The kids are LOVING swim lessons this year and I am loving that they are all at the same time! Grace is in the Preschool class, Daisy is in level 1 & Tristin is in level 2. Grace was a little shy the first day, so here are the pictures of her sitting on the side, then putting her legs in and then finally- participating with the class! We have 1 more week to go!

Why I adore yard sales...

If you know me well, you know that my passion for yard sales is GINORMOUS! Huge enough to take my 1 day old newborn out shopping (That was Tristin- he was born in May,so we went thrifting right out of the hospital, what can I say, it was a Saturday!) The girls were all born in non- yard sale months- Oct, Dec & Feb so they were a few months old before the fun began.
Anyway, this weekend I hit the jackpot for clothes. I literally got over a thousand dollars worth of clothes for just a few bucks! Here are just a few of the biggest saving items (yes, I googled all the prices!):

2- ski coats= .08 each *** Retail 30.00 each
1- brand new pair of girl Sketchers= .07 *** Retail 35.00
1- almost new girls cleats= .10 ***Retail $ 28.45
1- pair girl zebra flats= .07 **Retail= 19.99
2- iDOG toys= .25 each ***Retail= $ 29.88
1- triple set of scriptures (leather)= .25 ***Retail= $ 30.25
1- quad set of scriptures (leather/ no name on front)= .25 ***Retail= $ 60.00

Total Retail Price= $ 293.45
My yard sale price= $ 1.40