Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let's Have a Baby Tomorrow!

In honor of my LAST day of pregnancy, I laid in bed until 8:30 this morning! Granted I've been awake since 3:00 AM, but I just laid there watching the news and Cake Boss invisioning tomorrow's events in my mind. I am nervous. Who isn't when pushing out a 8 pound baby from an area that should not be allowed an Exit sign? But I'm thrilled as well! I'M HAVING A BABY TOMORROW! I get to cuddle a sweet newborn, change tiny diapers, have someone love and need me in a completely different way and breath in that new baby smell. I wonder how our lives will change once again. I wonder how I will do as a Mother, how Trav's and my relationship will shift to make room for this little one, how Trav will do as a Daddy to 5 kiddos, how I will have to let the house cleaning slide a little, how the kids will adjust to the baby, how much longer getting out the door will take and if this will be our "devil child" who never sleeps! I think we are just about ready though. I have bags packed, almost evey piece of laundry washed and put away (a small victory, let me tell you!) Trav shampooed the carpets last night, the baby stuff is clean and ready to put in the house, the car seat is in the van and besides the normal "damage control" around the house- we are pretty good. Here's to my last day of pregnancy... I'll post pictures as soon as we get home! Wish me luck!