Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Christmas is done!!!

...On my side of the family that is!
I have spent the past 2 weeks and many, many hours working on Christmas gifts & projects and I am pleased at announce, I AM DONE! My fingers were blistered, burned & very tired after I finished making 91 satin flowers for the ladies (Only my mom reads my blog,so I'm not ruining any surprises here!) Yes, 91 flowers! I had my Mom, G-ma,sister & sisters in laws- and the flowers are darling so I wanted them to have some- 13 of them. I know I went a little crazy at the craft store but they had to have all 13 colors!
Because I'm crazy here's the insain math:
91 flowers=
546 cirlcles cut
546 circles individualy burned
273 pearls glued in the middle
91 pins glued to the back
35 hair clips added
an entire pack of glue sticks used
2 1/2 candles burned through
several burned fingers
many blisters from cutting
but hopefully 7 happy ladies in December!

I was able to put some gifts together to save on space (because a mini van is only so big, ya know!)and I am happy to say I fit it all in 11 boxes!I feel so good now knowing there are only 17 family members on Trav's side left to take care of! VICTORY!

And just so you know, I am my Mother's daughter, she informed me that she has C

hristmas gifts for me to bring back too!

Why Not???

Just 3 more days. Just 3 more days...
that's what I keep telling myself and then I can forget about "real life" for awhile as we travel to Seattle. I love vacations because I'm out of my eliment- and all I can control is how clean the van stays while being limited to the amount of cleaning I can do at Mom's. It's actually heaven not to worry about anything for awhile, I think it's the only time my brain takes a little break- I NEED A VACATION!!! Just 3 more days...

I think I'm getting worn out... I think I'm on the verge again and when I am (about every 2 months) I get ANOTHER nasty infection of some kind. I am no stranger to UTI's and the amazing bladder infections, so it's no wonder yesterday at 4:45 AM I could feel life starting to get REALLY painful. Hours later I wanted to cut my lower half off (but gross!) but there was a little problem... I had no car to get to the Dr. nor did I have car seats even if I did! I knew my in laws where at the temple, so they were out, my sister in law is pregnant with # 5 and homeschooling, a friend had family in town, 2 other friends lived too far for me to feel comfortable bothering them- but I knew I couldn't wait until 3:15 when Trav came home either. Luckily my sweet friend and neighbor- Lisa, let me borrow her car & watched my girl's while I flew as fast as I could to the Dr's office where I've practically lived this past year. I was in and out in 10 min and picked up my meds at the store a hour later. Oh sweet relief...lets talk about how fun it is peeing into kid diapers, wash cloths, towels and maxi pads all day- but it not being enough. Lets talk about the joy of peeing yourself and soaking through your clothes like a 2 year old, or having your maxi pad be so ginormous it's clearly evident through your pants as you stumble through Wal Mart so embarressed that you have no other option but to tie your sweatshirt around your waist like you did in 5th grade. It was so gross sitting in my own pee but I happily paid for my drugs and got the heck out of there! Lisa swears I didn't soak through her car seat, but she's too sweet and wouldn't tell me if I had- and although it felt dry, I don't want to know. I don't do so well with these things, it's what sent me into early labor with Grace- so they are definatly not welcome in my house- but why am I cursed??? Once again, thank you Lord for amazing drugs, I definatly would have died in 3 seconds if I'd lived "long ago."
And not to worry... I do keep my Depend wearing moments in check- I know this is tiny compared to everything going on in the world, but let me say, when your husband comes home with Depends and you open them up and realize your entire family could fit in's a sad day.

**And just as a side note the reason I'm peeing into diapers & other amazing things is because with UTI's, there is this intense pushing and need to use the potty EVERY SINGLE SECOND. Seriously it's wild and crazy,So instead of sitting on the pot ALL DAY for HOURS and bruising my bottom like I did with Grace, I choose to wear something so I'm still able to get up and move around, the down side is I'm like a 2 year old wearing man diapers peeing myself!.***

...and the bug... they called to inform us that the breaks are in trouble... Why not???

(Jen- I'm soooooo sorry I missed your shower! The entire time, I kept thinking- I should be there instead of peeing in this oversized thing! I'll drop your present off soon!)