Thursday, April 18, 2013

Never ask...

Never ask, think or wonder what other appliance in your home will be next- because sadly, there will a next time. Last week my microwave bagan sparking and smoking! Awesome-ness!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Roman is 9 months old!

Mr. Roman turned 9 months 2 days ago. I almost cried today when I was at the Dr and they asked if I wanted to make his 1 year appointment! I wanted to yell- "No way crazy lady! He can't possibly be that old already! Leave me alone." But I didn't. I smiled and said, "Yes please." Besides teething right now, a sore throat, not sleeping well, a mild fever, runny nose and fluid behind bothe ears, he's doing great! He's now opening my cubbards, pulling things out and causing more stress, but he's so cute I just scoop him up and hug him to pieces. He's still nursing, loves food, adores Cheeto and other animals, is beginning to sit in the cart by himself, is pulling himself up and standing for long periods of time. He dumps over garbage cans and eats nasty things inside, makes messes, loves bath time and is starting to clap when we say "Yeah!!!" We couldn't love him more! Here's his stats from today. Weight= 17.7 pounds (18th %) Length= 28 inches long (34th %)Head Circumference= 17.8 ( 62%) Weight to length 18% There you have it!

Willow can ride her bike!

Our neighbor came over last week and gave us a bike that his grand daughter had outgrown, it was the perfect size for Miss Willow. She has been loving the new freedom along with Grace! They wizz up and down the street and it's so fun to watch them!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Salt Lake weekend!

What an awesome weekend we had in Salt Lake for General Confrence! We kept super busy walking around, taking pictures, playing with cousins, eating too much, playing in the hot tub, watching Confrence and going through all the church buildings! DeArley & Daisy were the only ones with confrence tickets, but we all had a lot of fun stating in the hotel and watching from there!. Us girl's had a hotel and Trav & Tristin stayed at his brother's house in West Jordan for the few nights we were there. We were blessed with great weather our first day and then ok weather the rest of the time. It was fun to be back since our 13th Anniversary is in a few weeks and that's were we got married! It was a great weekend, thanks G-ma Green for putting up with us! We hope you have recovered! We love you, thank you for the wonderful memories!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mr Roman...

Someone is growing up way to fast! He's turning into a little man and my heart can't take it!

Free pictures!

My friend, and PTA president texed me the other night to ask if I wanted to volunteer at the school on picture day. In return all those who helped would get free pictures for their kiddos! With 3 at the same place, I always cringe when pictures roll around because it's x3 the price! It was great because not only did we get free class pictures- they threw in a package dealon top of it! I was willing to stay for 3 1/2 hours to save aprox $ 80.00! (And I was able to opt Grace out of wearing the Kindergarten graduation cap! I was pleased to see they at least used new coffee filters inside the cap each time to cut down on the head lice situation- but it wasn't enough coverage for me and I said: Noooooo thank you! It was pretty fun!

The important stuff...

I think most of the time I focus on the frilly stuff and don't pay attention to what really matters. This was great to find on the floor yesterday!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Ea I feel like Easter kind of snuck up on me this year. Normally I'm color coding outfits or matching in some kind of way, but not this year, just trying to get out the door for church was hard enough! Infact when I bent down to throw my boots on before flying out the door, I thankfully realized my dress was completely turned inside out and on wrong! Thank you Jesus for catching that one! I did most of the normal things this year like: putting decorations up, talking about the Ressurection, making our bunny cake with the kids & friends, having our Easter lesson at G-ma's, finding Easter baskets and having our egg hunt and going to church- but I feel bad we didn't dye eggs until the day after and I was too tired to take them to a real egg hunt. Oh well I guess, sometimes I've got it in me, and sometimes I don't! It was a beautiful day though and we focused on what Easter was really about anyway. We had a wonderful dinner at G-ma & G-pa's house and brought Sister Green with us for the action.It was a nice day to reflect on our Savior and I am thankful for my testimony of the gospel.