Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A few things NOT to count on...

I've learned throughout my short 29 years that there are a few things you should rarely count on. For example:

1- The repair man. Seriously! Does he ever really come during the time slot that was agreed upon?

2- House closing dates/getting the keys on the date they said it would be ready. We are at their mercy, just impatientaly waiting as if we didn't have a lives.

3-The Target clearanced item you've been waiting all season to go on sale for 75% off- Yeah right, they are all gone by 30%-50% off!

and last but not least...

4- Babies coming when doctors assure you they will! (I love my Dr by the way!)I just assumed that because she knew my "girl parts" better than I did, that I could trust every word she said, so after 9 days of walking around with stripped membranes, a lost mucus plug, contractions and almost dialated to a 5, there is still no baby! No problem normally, but don't say we're going to have a baby in a few days if we're NOT going to have a baby! Last week was one of the top 5 longest weeks of my life (right next to : #1- the week before I got married, #2- the week before I gave birth to Tristin #3- the week before I gave birth to Daisy & #4- the week before I gave birth to Grace!)

So... for the 5 of you who actually read/check my blog, we are still waiting for the baby, but out wait is almost over. She'll be here in 48 hours for sure! (Thursday mornig at 7:30 we'll be induced!) When I saw my Dr. yesterday, she just stood there checking my cervix stunned, saying, "I just don't know why you haven't had this baby yet, I still think you'll go before Thursday." All I was thinking at that moment, was "Please get out of my cervix now and let me sit up" (it's a good thing I even made yesterday's appointment. She told me not to even make it because we would have a baby before then!)

So... there's the scoop. Hopefully I'll be home Friday with our stubborn little bundle of joy and I can get pictures up to show you!