Thursday, August 18, 2011

Daisy is all better...

I am happy to announce that Daisy no longer resembles a space alien and she is doing 100 times better than Sunday. It took a good 48 hours of benadryl every 4 hours to get rid of her crazy eye and then another day & 1/2 for the redness to go away. Just in time for school to start on Monday too! (The vain part of me was really hoping she would look normal by school time!)

An amazing evening...

Tuesday night at our church, we held a clothing drive, school supply drive, open house and Ice cream social all at the same time. It turned out to be an amzing night where we were able to help so many people in our community . It felt wonderful to plan & be apart of such a great event. Almost 90 children were given school supplies and countless families shopped for free clothing for their families. (The entire gym as filled, although this picture doesn't show everything!) It was a great way to serve and teach other's about our love for the Savior. It was a wonderful event.

Shane, Chelsea & the twins come for a visit!!!

I was thrilled to see Chelsea, Shane and the twins a few days ago, although incredibly heartbroken for the reason they came to town. Chelsea's amazing Dad passed away a few weeks ago and Chelsea was going to visit her sweet Mama for a few days.I am so blessed to be apart of their lives- and let me tell you- this bunch is loved beyond words- so when they come to town, EVERYONE and their Mom wants to see them, demands to see them and practically clings to them every second they are here.
It makes my time with them even more special knowing there was a list a mile long of "other people" they needed to visit.
It was wonderful to see them. Wonderful to talk, relax and watch those adorable tornado kids move through a room!
I love it! I love that they get to experience it all. It just makes me smile. Sweet Chelsea- I couldn't ache for you more. I love you. Adore you. and am so sorry for your loss. I'm not sure how you've kept it all together, although I am not surprised by it, just reminding you of your incredible strength, my dear.
Thank you so much for coming to visit and leaving a HUGE pop stain on my carpet! (SO KIDDING!! I can't even see it!!!)