Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A sad realization...

Years ago, we were able to get these bath buddies for free with coupons. We got them all the time and I had TONS! They were awesome for the kids (my step Dad even liked them!), and over the years, we've shared and used every single bar, except for 1. I've been holding onto this bar of soap like it was the last bar of chocolate on the planet because I just couldn't bare to part with it. (The coupons these days exclude these .97 wonders, so sad).

A few days ago I saw a blog were the lady made their own, which I was grateful to see (I had thought to do something similar a long time ago, but it wasn't with terry cloth)

The lady made a reusable insert for her bars of soap, but because I am not talented enough or have enough energy, I just sewed mine up closed. I don't even care either because 1 bar cost me .11 to make (it would have only been .06 if I would have used all my free soap, but I wanted to use this stuff up since it's been on my shelf for years. (The 6 pack cost .33 years ago)I used a towel that cost me .50 and cut it into 8 pieces.

So for .88 I was able to make 8 of my own bath buddies for the kids, and now I'm not sad anymore! They were a breeze to whip up too!