Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flying home to Seattle...

It was such a mix of emotions getting ready to leave for Seattle on Thanksgiving. I was so excited to go home and be with family, but the circumstances were just so sad. G-ma Lillian has been apart of my life for 25 years and saying goodbye and putting things to rest was hard to do. The funeral was very nice and Mom did an incredible job with the lunch afterwards, it was just so strange not to see G-ma sitting there with all of us. It makes my heart smile to know she is no longer in pain and having the gospel in my life gives me added comfort to know where she is and that she is ok.
It was just Willow and I on this trip and we were gone for 4 days. The last time I left the kids was when Audra, Amber & I drove home to Seattle to go to jaime's baby shower years ago. I just had Tristin & Daisy at the time.I missed the kids, but talked to them everyday. I knew they were having fun filled days with their cousins from Utah, spending time with G-ma & G-pa & doing fine, so I didn't worry too much. I just missed their hugs and 'I love you's". Being away from Trav those nights was weird too, but we did fine.
We had a great time with Mom & Brent. They kept Willow occupied and laughing most of the time. We ate hamburgers Thanksgiving night, stayed up talking,prepared for the funeral & lunch, talked a lot about death, cremation, wills & funeral plans. It was a little too much by the end of the day, so I tried to focus on what was uplifting about the trip. We kept Willow busy with toys,watched Man Vs. Food a lot, ate yummy food, relaxed, worked on Christmas stuff, went to Seattle to see the boys and Cindy and ate 8:00 fruit, pizza & ice cream!
Willow & I stayed the night at my Grandparents house Friday night and had a great time there as well. My G-ma & G-pa helped raise us and we are so close with them. They are like parents to us and after all they have done for us, they earn that title. I love spending the night there. I love watching my Grandfather in his bathrobe with his long white legs showing, I love watching him get all the rounds correct in Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy, I love watching G-ma crochet her millionth blanket for the hospital, I love the coo-coo clocks that are constantly ticking, I love that G-pa keeps the fireplace going even in the Summer, I love that G-ma still cooks my favorites when I come, I love that I get to hear the same stories over and over. I love to watch them play Nintendo golf together. I love staying up late talking with them. I love the goofy presents G-ma always gives me to take home with me. I love to watch G-pa feed my babies. I love watching them hold Willow (and pat her tummy like he used to with Aunt Abby & Mom when they were little) I love that G-pa stands at the top of the driveway waving goodbye. I love that they adore me and that I can't imagine a second of my life without them. I couldn't love them more even if my heart let me. G-pa has been like a Father to me and I adore and look up to him more than any other man in my life. He is the rock that has held us together for so many years and I am so blessed to have him in my life. Besides Mom,Grandma has been the one to get in and get things done. She has showered her love upon us for years and sewn more blankets, made more underware & made more meals to prove that love for us. She has been there for me every moment of my life and with her and Mom, I have all the support in the world. Oh, how I love them.
It was a wonderful trip home and I cannot thank Mom & Brent enough for getting me there- thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
G-ma Lillian... we will see you soon.