Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Feeling very grateful for my crazy life...

It's really crazy when the diasters around the world finally hit home and effect your family...
My Uncle Richard, his wife Ann & my 2 cousins (and their families) had to evacuate Arizona yesterday and today because of the fire.

Yesterday was crazy as everyone waited to see if they would have to leave- and sure enough, the fire came 2 miles from their home and they had to get out & somewhere safe.
It just hurts my heart for them imagining what it was like going through their house and deciding what they had space to take with them and what would have to stay. I cannot imagine a blarring fire 2 miles from my house while I packed my belongings, children and horses in hope there was enough time to get out.
My cousin Luke almost got arrested as he told the police officers he needed just a little more time to get stuff ready. After a heated conversation and back up was called- things got situatted and they evacuated without him going away in handcuffs!
They are safe in my Uncle's time share right now, but it's so sad. They grew up in that little town almost all their lives. Their homes are there, their jobs, their childhood memories, family, friends and church- and now they wait to see if everything they own and the town they love is ingulfed in flames.
I cannot imagine. We are praying for them and beyond grateful everyone is safe.
It's moments like these that make me very grateful for my little trials in life.