Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why Not? Lets have a flood in the pantry!

Yesterday I was getting ready to go to the school to help with popcorn and Box tops. I ran in the panty to grab my clipboard and it fell down the crack between the shelf it was on and the hot water heater. It broke off a piece at the bottom of the tank and before I knew it, water was spraying everywhere. I was soaked within seconds and I just watched as my pantry began to fill with water. I was frantically screaming for Grace to help me, but she was already out in the van waiting for my return so we could leave. I was trying to turn the water valve off but it took forever. I was drenced, water was running out in my family room and my cute new rug and freshly painted floor were covered in water. I got the water stopped, texted Trav and just cried. I got the kids back inside and they helped bring our entire closet of towels to me where I began to clean up the crazy mess. There was at least an inch of water, plus what was gushing out onto my carpet. Trav made it home in time to help dry stuff off and get it out. Minor things were ruined that I just threw out.It took forever to get the water up and I even used my carpet cleaner to extract what I could. The Lord definatly blessed me because my sewing machine and Cricut were somehow unharmed and those items were totally at the water spraying level. It was a little miracle! We called to have the hot water heater looked at and of course the piece had broken off inside and we would need to repair it. Awesome! So, for the 3rd time in a few weeks, we have had water damage twice and a new furnace put in, each time causing the pantry to come out and overflow into my entire downstairs. I am so tired of crazy water issues! And I am absoultly exhausted from repeating the pantry process 3 times! I made a call to our insurance and we'll see if anything is covered. No hot water, lots of fans and another huge bill later, we are so very happy to be home owners!