Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keychains and 4th of July flags...

I saw the keychains on a blog last week and thought I'd make a few!
And the little baby flags just melt my heart. They are 1 inch tall!I'm off to make some cards...

A few projects...

I've been working on a few little projects the past few days.
I've seen lots of super cute idea's with state maps (pillows, baby onesie's etc...) so I thought I'd play around. I googled state maps until I found a small picture i could trace. Then I taped it to my card stock and cut it out- it was super easy! then I played with my card stock and made a few little wall hangings- one for my Mom and one for Chelsea. The frame one is in my living room.

I've also been collecting vintage sheets for a long time and I've been going crazy making super cute banners/flags,garland- whatever you want to call them! It's been a lot of fun!

I made a little 4th of July board to hang on my door last night & today- I'm trying to get better about decorating for the holidays- so there's my little attempt. Hey- it did involved a few power tools!

Dressing up...

Yesterday Grace introduced me to her princess and when I turned around, I almost had a heart attack- Willow was wearing her baby blessing dress that used to be safely hanging in the closet wrapped in plastic! Luckily it was free from greasy little girl make- up that they had out earlier (Oh, thank you Lord for watching over that one!)but I grabbed a few pictures of their moment.

Never buy Play Dough again!

A little while ago I asked Grace what she wanted to make and she quickly replied, "Play Dough!!!"
Not being in the mood, I agreed just to bring a smile to her face- so we hopped in the kitchen and in a few minutes made two batches of homemade play dough. It's super easy and if you keep it in a air tight container/bag- it will last A LONG TIME! We made it for the first time a few months back and it's still great!

3- C. flour
3- T vegtable oil
2- packs of Kool Aid
3/4 C. salt
2 C. boiling water

*** mix together and kneed until well blended. If needed, add a little more flour and continue kneeding! That's it folks!